Written Episode Agnisakshi 28 July 2023 – Jeevika and Satvik have finalized their divorce

Written Episode Agnisakshi 28 July 2023 – Jeevika and Satvik have finalized their divorce

Jeevika gets off of Satvik’s lap in the beginning of the episode. He says, “I don’t know why you did that yesterday, as you don’t love me…” before adding, “but you love me so much, and I know this,” and promising to investigate the remaining mystery.

He recalls Maayi coming there and falsely accusing Satvik of being blind by heart. He claims that the reality is not what the eyes see but rather what the heart perceives. After Rukmani announced her choice, he said it was Krishna’s turn; Krishna is Satvik, after all. The end of Facebook. Satvik introduces himself as “Satvik,” one of Krishna’s names, and says, “You can get a divorce from me if you want, but I won’t let you go easily because I know how much you love me.” She receives a call and informs him that the lawyer has informed her that the paperwork is complete. With a smile and a nod, he agrees. The next step for Jeevika is from there.Pallavi contacts Rajnandini to inquire about Satvik’s presence and the nature of his visit. Rajnandini says, “I need smart and intelligent lady to find out about Satvik’s plan.” she doesn’t know why he’s here. Pallavi exclaims, “I will help you!” before reminding her that she has committed to carry Jeevika’s load for the rest of her life.

According to the lawyer, he put a halt to the divorce proceedings. He claims the split may be finalized in just five days. Jeevika estimates five days. The lawyer encourages them to deliberate. Jeevika claims they’ve made up their minds. She leaves after signing. The attorney informs Satvik that he requires both of their signatures. The divorce papers are signed by Satvik. Jeevika weeps openly, bringing up Satvik’s proposition. When Satvik opens the door, he finds her sobbing. His handkerchief is what he offers her. Life, he continues, is strange, because just a few months ago we were right here. He claims that it was always my fault.She blames me for the situation. I know your helplessness, he continues, and he also knows his Jeevika. Jeevika claims you aren’t familiar with me. Satvik divulges all of her details. Even if he used to believe you, he knows better today. She needs to look at the flip side, he argues, because otherwise she can’t lie.

He claims that she feels the same way about me. Jeevika says I have no power to change the situation if you are content with the misunderstanding. He writes, “I had realized my love late,” and then he asks her to read the letter and confirm his words. In response to your divorce proceedings, he promises to deliver daily paper. Jeevika weeps while reading it. To stop crying, Satvik begs her. Manas visits Satvik to talk to him. He inquires if you have learned Jeevika’s motivation for her actions. Satvik responds, “I don’t know,” and reveals to her that she is disappointed with her choice. Knowing that she is unhappy, he offers advice on how to let her go. Manas tells him to find out why Jeevika has made this choice, arguing that she wouldn’t make such a drastic move out of the blue without good cause. Satvik says I will inquire about it.Satvik is asked by Jeevika what he is up to. Satvik says I’ve been storing my garments in there. She is heading to the office, he inquires.

Jeevika is firm in her denial. I think you’ll agree with me when I ask for your blessing to die, he says. Jeevika covers his mouth with his hand. Satvik leans in and kisses her hand. There, Jhanvi will visit. Jeevika and I are having a fight, according to Satvik. Jhanvi admonishes her. Breakfast is served when Sukanya arrives. He wants me to drive Jeevika to the office for him. Sukanya tells him, “She is your wife, please take her.” Jhanvi told me I needed 200 Rs for the school picnic, but since baba had already departed, I would have to borrow it from Aaji. Satvik claims I am present as well.

She receives a 2,000 rupee gift from him. Jhanvi insists that all she needs is 200 Rs. Satvik claims to use the remaining funds on chocolate and other treats. Pallavi takes note and cracks a grin.Since Jeevika left, everything looks to be fine, Juhi reports to Rajnandini. Rajnandini explains to Satvik why he is dragging his tail in front of and behind Jeevika. She receives a call informing her that Jeevika would soon be arriving at the workplace. I’m supposed to meet up with Juhi at the office.

In the car with us are Satvik and Jeevika. Not to worry like you did on the first day; everyone will be pleased, especially the intern (what was his name?). Jeevika claims she has no idea. She is being asked by him if she wants a divorce. If you detest me so much that you can’t speak a word, he says, at least say “I don’t know.” How could I hate you, Jeevika asks. When Satvik says, “Do you love me?” he pulls over the car. Jeevika has denied it. He walks up to her.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap: The statue now wears the saree that Jeevika herself fashioned. It’s already on fire. Jeevika informs Satvik that her saree is really old. Satvik watches in disbelief. Satvik tends to Jeevika later on.

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