Update Written Episode Teri Meri Doriyaan for July 28, 2023 – Sahiba is Accused by Seerat

Update Written Episode Teri Meri Doriyaan for July 28, 2023 – Sahiba is Accused by Seerat

Seerat tries to make Angad some banana pancakes. Mangoes and honey are something Simran has requested. Banana and maple syrup pancakes are Angad’s favorite, according to Seerat. She suggests banana pancakes to Simran today because mangoes are bad. Simran has been snacking on bananas and has requested that she make some mango pancakes. Seerat has declined. Simran says she would go tell Angad that she knows Seerat is making pancakes for him and not her. Seerat scolds her for always acting disrespectfully toward her and then begins slicing new bananas. Simran believes that Seerat severely reprimanded her because of several bananas. Seerat is tricked into drinking juice by her. Seerat approaches from behind and strikes.

The two of them, Sahiba and Inder, meet. Inder tells her that Manveer is beginning to have doubts about him, therefore she needs to keep the truth from him for a while longer. Sahiba says that she cannot keep the truth from Angad for very long and that he should tell Angad and Manveer the truth before they learn it from someone else. Inder says it makes him happy to see Angad interested in Simran and that he needs some time to reveal the truth. Sahiba claims that Angad likes Simran until he finds out the truth. While some of Simran’s relatives may feel sorry for her after learning that she is an orphan, they should know that Angad is in fact her biological father. While chasing after Simran, Seerat overhears Sahiba chatting with Simran’s dad. She feels it would be wise to investigate his identity. She can’t see Inder’s face because her dupatta is in the way. Simran approaches her on foot. Seerat tells her to continue from that point.

Sahiba sees them and inquires of Simran about her presence there. Simran requests pancakes, but Seerat refuses to make them for her. Seerat claims that Simran has been a pain in the neck all day long, calling her a wicked child. Sahiba tells her to watch her tone around Simran and offers her some pancakes. Seerat kidnaps Simran and runs off. Before it’s too late, Sahiba begs Inder once again to tell the truth to Angad and Manveer. Despite their strained relationship, Inder acknowledges that Manveer is his son’s mother and expresses concern that she may hurt herself upon learning the truth. Manveer’s privacy can’t be maintained for too long, Sahiba warns. Inder concurs.

Akaal probes Angad on whether he discussed Simran’s enrollment at the boarding school. Angad feels it’s too soon. Since Kiara attended the same boarding school as Simran, Jasleen wonders why he is taking so long and is so concerned about her. Manveer is adamant that we wrap up the admissions procedure ASAP. According to Jasleen, Manveer is even more keen to send Simran away from here. As far as Angad is concerned, Simran should remain at home. Sahiba says they prefer for Simran to attend a reputable institution of higher education in the city of Ludhiana itself. Since they would soon be having their own children, Japjyoth warns them against making an emotional judgment about Simran’s care. Jaspal and Gurleen both urge them to reconsider. Manveer insists that there is no time to ponder the situation and that Simran should be transferred to a residential school immediately. Akaal suggests they inquire as to whether or not Simran has any family who would be willing to take her in. Sahiba has already spoken with the orphanage, and they have agreed to give her and Angad guardianship of Simran pending the couple’s ability to locate Simran’s biological family.

Seerat enters and wonders aloud what would happen if her father showed up to claim her. Angad seems to think she doesn’t know her sister well and questions why she continually disagrees with Sahiba’s choices. Seerat boasts that she is really close to her sibling. According to Angad, the government itself supports the idea that these kids should be adopted and given a loving home. Seerat accuses Sahiba of knowing who Simran’s father is and says she is concealing this information. The family seems stunned. Seerat claims to have overheard her chatting with Simran’s dad.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap– Intoxicated Angad and an inebriated Sahiba sit by the pool, where he begins a hoarse rendition of a song. Sahiba tells him to quiet down. Angad tells her how much he cares about her. Sahiba presses him on whether he will back her up when it comes to Simran. Angad suggests she give up control and let him make the call.

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