Update Written Episode Pandya Store for July 28, 2023 – Suman is fond of Dhawal.

Update Written Episode Pandya Store for July 28, 2023 – Suman is fond of Dhawal.

Natasha began the episode by asking if she should check on you. Dhawal examines Suman. Upon seeing him, Suman breaks into a broad grin. Maa inquires about the engagement ring’s whereabouts. According to Pranali, Chirag and Dhawal will understand. Maa claims you completed the task, but no one will argue that the plate looks fine without the ring. She gushes over how pretty Pranali is. Pranali is asked to present her with an engagement ring. Nice shoes, if your Dadi is Dhawal, he remarks. The ring is our top priority, according to Chirag. In this case, Pranali has said no. Maa insists that you give up the ring. Hetal demonstrates the stage to Dolly. Maa advises to leave it where it is. Pranali claims that Amrish received an expensive diamond set. She debates. Your father is a clerk at our workplace, so Maa says she only purchased you a ring and pendant because he couldn’t afford a diamond like Dolly’s father. The anger of Pranali.

Maa instructs the Bahus to retrieve the platter of fruit. There goes Hetal and Pranali. Maa teases Pranali. Natasha never lets go of Dhawal’s hand. Her necklace box is now full of her bracelets. Dhawal catches her in his arms to prevent her from hitting the floor. Smiling, Suman imagines a happy future with this romantic duo. As Shesh puts it, “I will see him.” Suman warns you not to touch him or he will beat you. Dhawal is halted by Chirag. Natasha walks over to give Suman a hug. She warns you not to make the same joke again.

Do you like him? Suman inquires. Natasha is adamant that he compensate me for my financial loss because I was coerced into seeing her brother. The couple’s engagement has broken down, and Shesh has come to Suman for help. There is anger in Natasha. Chirag has asked Dhawal to provide the ring. Dhawal insists that because he doesn’t have the ring, he must not let the girl leave, lest Amrish reprimand him. Chirag claims you don’t approve of my upcoming nuptials. Dhawal claims, “I rented this space near my university to organize the festival and the engagement.” Amrish welcomes Bansi into the family and inks a contract with him. Bansi claims the funds are an investment in your shopping center. You have the contract, according to Amrish, and you may expect a 30% return on your initial 30% investment. The answer from Bansi is affirmative. This is what he tells Dolly. He thinks it’s a stroke of luck that you’re visiting Amrish. Dolly smiles and turns around.

Dolly explains that she has an appearance scheduled for today. Dolly is right, Amrish argues, and the contract should be signed and sealed. Bansi gestures. Amrish sends his best wishes. Dolly insists that we write something down. Bansi visits the woman. I came here for the money, as Natasha puts it. She reprimands Shesh. If Suman is to be believed, I should talk to Dhawal. I don’t like him because, as Natasha puts it, he’s a sexist. And Natasha is the one who ends up with Suman. Suman thinks I won’t go, so I won’t. A lamp topples over. Suman scans the area and declares that we must depart immediately. Let me go, Dhawal says. Don’t wreck my life, Chirag replies no.

Dhawal discovers that Natasha is no longer there. I told you, Natasha can go, he tells her. A bracelet is visible to Maa. She claims that he also gave her the following: “I’ll keep this”; “great;” “I’ll give this as well. Dolly arrives at the altar. After spotting her, Chirag cracks a grin. My fiancee wants to know where everyone is since she is disappointed that no one applauded my entrance. To see Amrish, Bansi travels. When you need Amrish, just call. He notices the shattered lamp. Amrish wants to know if Natasha is okay. Wait 10 minutes, Dhawal says; I got her and she’ll be here. Get Natasha, says Amrish, because the Pandya store isn’t under my control and I need it. Dhawal assures me that I will handle it.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap :Mittu inquires as to where we can locate the bracelet. The jewelry box is clearly visible to him.

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