Update for the Imlie 28th July 2023 Written Episode – Sharma ji Is Taken Into Custody

Update for the Imlie 28th July 2023 Written Episode – Sharma ji Is Taken Into Custody

When Imlie and Atharva discover Kairi’s sandal on the floor, they inquire of a cleaner as to the origin of the shoe. The cleaner claims to have discovered it under the A wing. Sharmaji’s wife Suman is seen peering in from outside the window. After Suman sees them, he quickly tries to cover it up. Kairi causes Sharmaji stress. After discovering Kairi’s sandal buried beneath Suman’s building, Imlie asks Suman whether she knows the clue. If Suman tells Sharmaji where Kairi is, she would get beaten up, according to Suman. Imlie claims that Sharmaji can defeat anyone, including the mother of his daughter. Before Sharmaji can hurt her, she begs Suman to tell her where Kairi is hiding. According to Suman, Sharmaji brought Kairi to their house but hid her away in a storage room because he was afraid of the authorities. Imlie lauds Suman’s bravery and guarantees that Sharmaji would never again oppress her. When they and the cops check the storage area, they find it empty.

To protect Kairi, Sharmaji places her in a water tank and secures the lid. Atharva and Imlie were told by the inspector that Sharmaji had fled the area to avoid arrest. Atharva and Imlie discover a closed and locked door, force their way inside, and proceed downwards. Near a tank lid, they discover Kairi’s other sandal and a hairclip. Kairi, while in the tank, radios Imlie. While Atharva tries to pry open the lid, Imlie smashes the water pipe to let the water out. They both use the smashed lock to free Kairi. Sharmaji accuses Atharva of slandering him. A hurt Atharva crumples to the floor. The police have taken Sharmaji into custody. The Ranas arrive at Atharva and Imlie’s house late. An ambulance, Imlie begs. Atharva is being hurried in an ambulance to the hospital. Atharva is adamant that Imlie bring him home so that physicians can check on him there. Imlie claims that she cannot take any chances because he requires exams. According to Atharva, he and Kairi would be happiest together. He believes that God has tested him extensively and that he must now prove that he is worthy of being with Imlie and Kairi.

Atharva is brought home by the Ranas, where he is examined by the doctor and kept under close watch. Devika has asked Imlie to stay with Atharva and provide his medication while Divya sees to his nutritional needs. Once monkey paa wakes up, Kairi promises to play with him. Keya and Akash talk about how they expected Atharva to die like Dhairya, but he is still alive; they vow to kill him as soon as possible. When Imlie sees Atharva’s condition, she starts crying and begs him to wake up. When he opens his eyes and takes her hand, he immediately makes plans to escape. He recalls how Mom was always there for him, and how it helped him grow closer to his father, his music, himself, etc. Imlie claims he abandoned her after making a critical error. He claims that he was destined to err and begs him not to abandon her again. Atharva’s condition worsens as Imlie makes an exit attempt. She yells out in terror before realizing it was all in her head.

She leaves to find Kairi. Atharva’s health rapidly declines. When Devika and Rudra notice her looking for Kairi, they tell her that Kairi is with Ginni. Imlie has expressed a desire to go back to her house with Kairi. Devika and Rudra beg him to stay, but Imlie is firm in his refusal. Shivani reveals to Imlie that when she left Atharva’s chamber, his heartbeat quickened, explaining that their hearts are intrinsically linked. Devika begs Imlie to stay behind so she can protect her son. As you can see, Imlie disagrees. Devika and Rudra are brought to Atharva’s chamber by Shivani.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap :Atharva’s drip is poisoned before the credits roll. Imlie sees something on the security footage and immediately rushes to help Atharva.

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