Titli Written Episode for July 27, 2023: The rage of Garv astounds Titli.

Titli Written Episode for July 27

At the outset of the episode, the characters jot down some desires. Koel watches and considers putting his faith in God. Titli works with her, contributing writing. Her advice is that your prayer should go directly to God because you have always worked to keep the peace in this household. What did you write? she asks Garv. Don’t come here, Garv tells you. They retreat to their private quarters. I want to make sure my Titli is pleased, it says. With a nod, she agrees. It’s your turn, he says. She’s a writer and an artist. I hope we can all continue to be healthy and happy as a family. No, he insists, that can’t continue. His note reads, “I hope we both continue to enjoy life.” He claims that I am the only one who can grant your wish. With a nod, she agrees. They all set off into the sky after lighting their lanterns. Everybody applauds. It has made Titli dizzy. The alcohol is still fresh in her mind. Kabir gives her a hug and checks to see if she’s okay before telling her to take a seat. Garv spots him with Titli in his arms. Now he goes and shoves Kabir. Why would you dare touch my wife? he demands. I’m just trying to help her, Kabir says; you two are intoxicated. Will you use this to your advantage, Garv wonders. With his help, Kabir is defeated. Titli makes an effort to halt. A group of people show up to ask Garv to leave Kabir. Titli gets scolded and pushed by Garv. As she inevitably does, she collapses on the floor and begins to sob. She witnesses Garv in battle. Manikant wants to know what went wrong. Kabir claims that I assisted her while she was intoxicated. Monica travels to see Titli. Ranjhan…plays…

Titli retires to her bedroom. Here comes Jaishri. What did I do wrong, if as Titli claims Garv shoved me, then? It’s not your fault, Jaishri assures you; relax. An apology to Kabir from Garv is requested by Manikant. Sorry, my foot, as Garv puts it. It’s over for him. Adi’s dad gives Manikant a lecture. Adi decides to bring Monica along. Remember that Jaishri’s rage pales in comparison to his love, and that he didn’t even notice that you fell. Manikant is shocked that Garv would treat Kabir so poorly. Koel claims that Titli’s intoxication is to blame for all of this. Chintu protests that such a thing cannot be said of Titli. The argument of Koel.

Manikant thinks the couple shouldn’t have gotten married. Baa says Titli will take care of it, so you can come along. Paresh agrees with Baa and says he is correct. As a result, they leave. To place the blame, Koel visits Titli. He got into an argument with Monica’s Sasural, which resulted in both parties being upset and leaving. Titli wants to know where Garv ended up. I don’t know, says Koel. Titli claims that Garv would hold him responsible. The Titli family is leaving. Titli contacts Garv via phone. Dhara approaches, inquiring if Titli has been wounded. They share a glass of lemonade. As for your love story, she gushes over it. Titli claims he fought for me because he is very devoted to and possessive of me.

Garv visits him in his chambers. I’m supposed to make a statement, he says. The phrase “I know you will say sorry” comes from her lips. He tells you he loves you. To show his appreciation, he presents her with something. I know that idiot put a hold in our date, but he adds, there’s still the whole night and a lot that needs to happen. The clothing catches her eye. She seems to assume that I anticipated that you would….

As a recap, Garv spots a truck headed in the direction of Titli. He causes an accident by pushing her. Garv! yells Titli.

Episode is over.


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