The latest written episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai will air on July 27, 2023.Abhir departs the property

At the start of the episode, Manjiri and Abhi get into an argument. She claims that Akshu was unsuccessful in court, that she deceived you by pretending to be Abhir’s music teacher, that she is capable of acting out the aforementioned scenario, that she is pressuring go Abhir to her, that you have no choice but to believe her story because you are a sucker for a good fib and that you are the one who has become a lawyer. If your son is anything like her, he warns, he’ll be in big trouble. I don’t know what else to tell you, but you seem to have some grievances with her and to have thought of her as your daughter. Apparently, I’m always wrong and she’s right. He warns us to stop because “Kanha ji will never forgive us” if one mother speaks evil of another in front of her son. That we’ll lose after we win is something she claims you’ll make you regret. Abhir can pick them up. According to Abhi, “no one is happy,” “I’m already regretting,” “Akshu is not well,” and “tomorrow I’ll be Taking my son to his sock mother.” She flatly refuses to allow Abhir to accompany you to Kasauli. Abhir is a runner. Abhi leaves with Manjiri’s blessings.

Abhir collapses and laments, “My mom isn’t fine.” Ruhi offers her hand as she approaches. Mama is sick, he says. Her advice is to have Abhi pick you up. He claims to want to adopt me, but Dida and the other elders have said no. To go to Kasauli, Ruhi inquires how you want to travel. He claims a solution does exist. To prepare to leave, he packs his belongings. The piggy bank, according to Ruhi, is mine. It’s yours, he says. She insists that you take this. The piggy bank was broken by him. You keep track of the cash, she offers, and she’ll draw a map of the train station. On the map, he cracks jokes. Take my phone, she instructs me, look at this map, and then dial my number when you get there. He then recalls, “Oh yeah, my parents gave me this phone.” She is concerned about your ability to ride the train on your own. I’ll be leaving now, he adds; I need to see my mom. The doctor has warned that if her temperature doesn’t go down, it will harm her brain and make the situation much worse. Abhinav has concerns. Doctor has to go. Abhir, says Akshu. Abhinav:Abhir insists that I get to my mom right away. Ruhi hands out pepper spray and advises the recipient to use it as self-defense. He requests a pledge that you will not reveal their conversation with Dida to anybody. Her word is good. I’ll be praying for you and Maasi, she tells me. You’re the best sibling, he says. They leave. One can see a vase in his hands. He displays his hoarded cash. I’ll call Abhi, Abhinav says, and if he doesn’t agree, he may borrow Abhir for a few days. During this time, he prays.

With Abhir’s help, Ruhi has a plan in place. In the morning, I shall meet with the lawyer, as Manjiri has promised. When she spots a dark figure, she wonders if a burglar is lurking nearby. Who’s there, she enquires. R. and A. both go into hiding. Manjiri chooses one of Ruhi’s slippers. Abhi prepares to leave. He assures me he would persuade Abhir not to worry about his mother’s health, but I know better. For Akshu’s sake, he appeals to Mahadev. Manjiri claims that I have diminished eyesight. They leave. We became saved, and Ruhi gave me a picture of the Lord, telling me to keep it close to my heart so that the Lord would watch over me. She embraces him and tells him to contact her once he gets there because she won’t be sleeping until she hears from him.

Bandeya…plays… Abhinav cries while caring for Akshu. Abhir finally makes it to the entrance. Ruhi appears out of nowhere and agrees. Away he goes. The next morning, Abhi inquires about Akshu’s temperature. Aarohi claims that I ignored them first thing in the morning. I’ll get Junior set up, he says, and Aarohi, you may leave. Abhir is being retrieved by Aarohi. Don’t do that, Manjiri warns; you’ll come to regret it. I will not, he argues, keep my son from seeing his mother. Aarohi claims that Abhir is not at home. “Junior!” Abhi yells. Roads broke because of the flood, Abhinav says. Okay. He hangs up and takes a look at Akshu’s temperature. The man dials for medical help. He says getting to the hospital is difficult because of the traffic, but that something needs to be done because Akshu’s temperature isn’t going down. Manjiri needs Abhir, she says. He answers her summons. According to Kairav, we will contact Abhinav. Manish claims a flood has occurred and bridges have collapsed, so he cannot get her to the hospital. And sobs. He is told to be quiet by Dadi. You didn’t see this coming, she claims. Suwarna has suggested that we travel to Kasauli. If Surekha is to be believed, I will also be attending. He predicts disaster if we leave her without her son. “Junior!” Abhi yells.

Abhir states in the recap, “I got to another place; how am I supposed to get to Mumma?” According to the inspector, this is not a kidnapping. Akshu is concerned about Abhir.


Episode is over.

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