The Latest Written Episode Bhagya Lakshmi 28 July 2023 – It’s time for Vikrant’s baraat!

The Latest Written Episode Bhagya Lakshmi 28 July 2023 – It’s time for Vikrant’s baraat!

One of the episode’s guests gives Kiran a bear hug right at the start. Shalu and Bani are considering visiting Di. The presence of Ayush encourages the visit. Ignoring him, Shalu leaves. Ayush is convinced that she is angry with him and claims that he would never be able to forgive himself if the marriage goes through.

Rishi tries to reach Lakshmi by phone, but she doesn’t answer. He promises himself he won’t let her be ruined. Kiran inquires of Karishma concerning Rishi. Karishma claims she is in the dark. Kiran inquires if he went to summon the storm to prevent the wedding of Vikrant and Lakshmi. Karishma explains that Rishi is helpless no matter what occurs, but Neelam will say goodbye to Lakshmi. When asked why Neelam is usually so frail, Kiran blames Rishi. Karishma claims she is acting in Rishi’s best interests by removing Lakshmi from his life. Kiran claims that Neelam usually gives in to Rishi, and he wonders what assurance he has that she won’t cave this time. Karishma claims that Virender and Dadi are accompanying her now. Malishka believes that Lakshmi has damaged her makeup and that she will soon leave so that she can marry Rishi. She’s so confident in her own superiority that she wears the dupatta on her head. She believes that if it weren’t for whatever evil Lakshmi had done to Rishi, he would have made a good decision in picking me. Kiran walks in and says, “I want you to always think of yourself as the bride.” Malishka promises that your wish will come true once you see me as Rishi’s bride.

Until you marry Rishi, Kiran adds, I will be terrified of you. Malishka begs her not to say such, explaining that the rounds will take place, and then Lakshmi would be cast out after her wedding. Kiran begs her, “Please don’t ruin my mood by talking about that.” She threatened to kill anybody tried to prevent her and her fiance from being married. Would you kill Rishi, Kiran asked? Malishka claims that “not even God” can prevent my wedding.Lakshmi believes that she will not communicate with him because she is afraid that he may beg her to reconsider this marriage because he cares deeply for her. After crying and wiping her tears, she declares, “I will go from here.” There, you’ll find Shalu and Bani.

They implore her not to wed, and they want her agreement. Lakshmi gives them a hug and asks, “Will you say goodbye to me tearfully?” Shalu wants to know why you’ve grown so unyielding. My friend Lakshmi agrees with my choice. Shalu claims that you still want to go to hell for choosing the wrong path with Balwinder. This, according to Lakshmi, is the best choice for everyone. She begs them to let her leave free and satisfied with her request. Shalu promises to take care of your daily routine. Bani pleaded with her to postpone marriage. Shalu says you’re making some mistakes. Lakshmi is confident that everyone should do this. She tells them to meet the baraat with open arms. Not Shalu, though. Bani says we should give the baraat our slippers as a welcome. Lakshmi motions for them to move to the mandap. She says I won’t agree and that I don’t want anyone to overhear us because then they’ll scold us. She claims that I will never agree with her. She then hugs and blesses her sisters. Rishi assured Ayush that he would make it in time, adding that he would be traveling at a rapid pace. He is confident that he can prevent Lakshmi’s wedding. A female comes sprinting up and stops his car at that moment. She tells him that she has the support of her family and that her lover is waiting for her at the train station.

As the station is in the opposite way, Rishi explains to her that he cannot accompany her there. He claims he must hurry to his lover’s aid.In order to save his sweetheart, the girl begs him to hurry. Rishi remembers Lakshmi saying that they must assist everyone. He offers the girl money and says he’ll call her a cab. The girl’s brother and some other people show there just as he’s ready to leave. A refusal to go on the part of the girl. A slap from her brother. They try to take her against her will, but Rishi stops them and beats them. From there, he asks the girl to proceed. She assures me that they will return. Rishi invites her to accompany him. Shalu takes Ayush by the collar and berates him. She insists on getting married despite the fact that Lakshmi allegedly kicked them out of the room. Grabbing his collar, she pulls at him. Ayush wants to know what to say. They both become furious with him. Shalu is curious and wants to know what you have accomplished. According to Ayush, Rishi Bhai called to let him know he was on his way home. Shalu is concerned that you won’t help his bhabhi and behen, Lakshmi. Then the baraat arrives. A baraat is heard by them. After chatting with her pal, Dadi hangs up the phone. Sonia assures Malishka that we will all join in on the dancing once the house is no longer plagued by bad luck.

She claims that it will serve as practice for her, as Rishi’s baraat will be brought to her. We’re also taking Karishma and Neelam. Karishma invites Rano to join them.The young lady informs and thanks Rishi. She thanks you for saving her and her lover, and she assures you that your own love will be safe with you. Rishi believes that he is dropping her off on the other side of town on his way to the station, but he also needs to go home. Worry sets in for him. What to do, Shalu wonders. Ayush encourages anyone with a thought to share it.

Bani claims that we would not be sitting here if we knew. He guarantees that Rishi Bhai will show there and put a halt to the wedding. Shalu insists that there was nothing you could have done, but Lakshmi disagrees. For attempting to destroy Lakshmi’s life, Shalu claims she will destroy Vikrant.The girl urgently requests that Rishi pull over. Because it’s her niece’s wedding, Anjana wants to ask Rano to dance. The girl thanks Rishi as she exits the station. She claims that God would protect your relationship because you “saved my love.” Rishi starts his car, drives away, and decides he wants to make the automobile go really fast.Everyone in the room is dancing. Karishma is asked to dance by Sonia. Karishma has said no. Sonia has prompted her to anticipate the departure of the unlucky young lady.

Dadi wants to know if he should warn the unlucky people to leave. In his automobile, Vikrant breaks into a dance. Malishka tells Saloni to go see Vikrant and that the latter’s hopes and wishes are about to come true. She contacts Vikrant and invites him to the city to celebrate his second wedding. Vikrant says I can’t say no to you because of all the aid you’ve given me. According to Malishka, today is your lucky day. Expect Rishi any minute now.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap:Lakshmi informs the portrait of Rishi how she will always care for him and everyone else. In order to get away, Neelam suggests that Lakshmi marry Vikrant. When Rishi finally gets home, vikrant’s thugs attack him until he passes out. When Rishi collapses, he is knocked out.

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