Shiv Shakti (Zee) Written Episode Update for July 29, 2023 – In public, Shakti’s family faces ridicule.

Shiv Shakti (Zee) Written Episode Update for July 29, 2023 – In public, Shakti’s family faces ridicule.

Manorama accuses Shakti, out of jealousy for her dream, of stealing their honor.Shiv leaves the house after praying at the mandir for Shakti’s protection.Shakti sobs to Manorama, explaining that she is innocent. Chacha arrives in a condition of shock. Manorama wants to know what went wrong. He remembers the insults he received for not being able to control his girls and thus not being qualified to be a priest.

Chacha comforts a sobbing Shakti by saying, “I know you didn’t do anything wrong.” Shakti sits at his feet. I will launch a social media campaign if Rimjhim is correct and they have indeed trapped Shakti. Manorama claims the evidence is overwhelming; she insists we must accept that all of this suffering is the result of her delusional vision. When Dharam returns home, he finds that he has been severely beaten.While driving, Shiv asks for Shakti’s address and expresses his hope that she is fine.Mandira warns Padma about this girl, saying, “She thought she could fight with me and get into medical school by lying to us both.” Padma claims you have destroyed her because you have lowered her to her level. Mandira claims that Shiv is now my true adversary since he refuses to stop defending the girl.

I will not show any mercy and will permanently silence him. Padma inquires, “So, what are you up to now?” Mandira phones Mr. Mehta and tells him the news has come out and he should act accordingly.Manorama immediately visits Dharam to inquire about the incident. In retrospect, he sees how the thugs who kidnapped his sister used threats to convince him to hand her up to them. Dharam tried to fend them off, but when they caught him, they beat him up and showed him the news. The memory dump stops. shakti tries to approach him, but Manorama stops her and tells her, “This is all because of you; you should just kill us.” That’s enough, Rimjhim says. Stop being so dramatic; Shakti did nothing wrong and told me everything that happened.

And you tell me not to overreact because Manorama claims we’ve lost all mutual respect. This Shakti has made it so that you cannot even be married.Koyal informs Keertan, “I told you to not trust this girl; she is a cheap girl who can do anything for money.” Keertan then turns to the headlines. I can’t believe I have to compete with shiv again, Keertan fumes. Shakti will pay dearly for this, and I won’t spare her.I wanted to give you motherly love, Manorama tells Shakti, but she’s lost everything because of her. Shakti begs you not to speak like that. See, I told you not to do anything improper, Manorama continues, and now look what’s occurred. We are doomed, she whispers as she pushes her away. Chacha claims Shakti’s infallibility causes him anxiety to the point that he can’t take a deep breath. The inhaler that Shakti offers is empty.

Everyone is in disbelief because they’ve used up all their inhalers. Shakti makes an effort to heal him.Keertan is driving and decides to show Shakti his dark side.Shakti tries to help Chacha, promising that everything will be okay in the end. Dharam wants to get an inhaler, but Chacha won’t let him. Shakti says she’ll leave if Manorama won’t allow her, and vice versa. Trust me, Shakti adds, because I don’t care about anyone else; I have to rescue Chacha. Away from the house she goes.When Shakti emerges from the house, she is met by jeers from onlookers. Shiv visits her at home and encourages Shakti to remain courageous.

Episode is over.

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