Shiv Shakti July 28 2023 Written Episode Update – Daksh is hurt and offended.

Shiv Shakti July 28 2023 Written Episode Update – Daksh is hurt and offended.

Daksh says to Shiv in the beginning of the episode, “Now you know your place.” Brahmadev declares, “I will punish Daksh,” claiming that the latter had gone too far. According to Narayan, we’ve made several attempts to instruct him, but he simply won’t pay attention.

He suggests that we focus on our Aaradhya for the time being. Narayan interrupts Shiv as he prepares to sit on the spot, telling him that his spot will always be better than theirs. Shiv claims he doesn’t mind his seating arrangement. Even Brahma dev is adamant. You drank the halahal and rescued the universe, Narayan adds, before inviting him to sit on the best seat in the house. One of the Rishis says no because Daksh is responsible for planning this havan. The other Rishi expresses gratitude to Shiv and offers him a seat in the guru’s throne. Narayan claims that Mahadev will not turn down their devotees. They tell Shiv to take a seat in Daksh’s usual chair. Sati nods and makes the Shiv sign. A piece of Rishi artifacts. Say it, Shiv prompts Sati. Sati begs him to take a seat there as requested by Narayan, Brahmadev, and Rishi. They go to the designated Daks seating area. Both Guru Shukracharya and the Rishi are angry. A collective “har har mahadev” please. This, according to Guru Shukracharya, is an affront to Daksh. In Rishi’s words, Daksh will respond.

That’s why Daksh visits. Aside from Shiv, everyone rises from their chairs. Shiv is informed by Sati that Pita shri has arrived. Daksh is summoned by Brahmadev to begin the yagya.Seeing Shiv there makes Daksh upset, and he blames the filth in people’s hearts for the situation. He asks, “Why are you sitting here, when there is a seat set aside for you?” Brahmadev says Mahadev is sitting in the appropriate spot, and that you are showing him the boundaries by telling him that he is both the beginning and the end. The host of the yagya and Shiv’s sasur, Daksh replies, “What is this joke, everyone knows that I am the host of this yagya and Shiv’s sasur too.” He then turns to Shiv and asks, “Why didn’t you get up when everyone stood me in my honor?” He probes whether or not you disregarded me. Pita shri, says Sati. Daksh makes her promise on his honor not to mention Shiv or him in any conversation. You kept me from bending over when we were married, he adds, and now you’re trying to do it. He claims he is out for vengeance. Sati begs Mahadev to recognize and appreciate his sasur.

According to Rishi richik, this is Shiv’s pride. The protester, Rishi Sankal.Shiv has requested that Rishi Sankal remain silent. For an answer, Daksh turns to Shiv. Shiv is essentially saying that you are not his sasur and that he is not his jaimata. He claims that he is here as a guest, has accepted your hospitality, and was about to take a seat, but that he would have stood up in your honor had he done so. He adds the sabha has elected me to preside over this yagya. Daksh, he begs, must begin the yagya in good faith. Daksh declines and mocks Shiv. He claims this yagya won’t take place unless Shiv first offers me an apology.

If you are Prajapati, Shiv claims, then I am the Sabhapati. Daksh states that without him, the yagya cannot take place. In a plea to her father, Sati begs him to be less adamant. Daksh wants her to convince her obstinate husband to leave. Sati is trying to get Shiv to concur with something. Defiantly, Shiv says no. Daksh says the yagya will not take place, so I am keeping it and finishing it here.According to Rishi Sankal, this is essential for eliminating the halahal impact. Daksh has requested that he request an apology from Shiv or that he depart immediately.The ship will sink if the hole opens up, according to Shiv’s message. In a similar vein, he claims that if the accused is guilty, that person will be destroyed.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap: Shiv declares, “I have come here to do Shuddhi’s work.” Anyone who wants to go can, according to him. Daksh claims that I am the one in charge of this yagya. Shiv challenges Daksh to a war.

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