Radha Mohan Written Episode Update July 27, 2023: Radha frightens Gungun.

Radha Mohan Written Episode Update July 27, 2023: Radha frightens Gungun.

Damini assures Kaveri that this time, with Tulsi by her side, her plan would succeed; Kaveri says she agrees and adds that she and Damini need to see it through to the end. Ketki, however, cautions them against taking any action. Damini and Kaveri are shocked to see Ketki standing behind her; she walks up to Damini and asks what they were thinking about or if they have made a new plan to stay in the house; she then goes on to say that nothing can happen and that they must pack their bags and leave as soon as possible because today is the festival of Tej and they are both leaving their house. Damini tells Ketki she would miss her very much and that she and Ketki have spent their entire lives together, acknowledging that they have always fought but are still related. Ketki is astonished to hear this and, as she leaves, declares that Damini has lost her mind. Although Damini was initially taken aback by the sight of her aunt Kadambari, she quickly came to terms with the situation after learning that they only had two days before they had to leave. In the meantime, she was able to spend quality time with her family. Kadambari storms off in a huff, refusing to explain his anger. Damini suspects that someone else will leave the house before she does.

Radha is going along when she feels a tug on her hair. She turns around to see who it is and, upon realizing it’s Mohan, breaks into a broad grin. Radha asks how he comes so suddenly, and Mohan tells her to get used to it, as he will surely come suddenly. Mohan keeps looking at the sweets, and Radha asks if he’s hungry, but Mohan says it’s not the case. Radha teases him, saying he could eat the sweets because she’s kept the Varth. Gungun watches them and thinks, “If what’s written in the letters is true, then she’s scared Gungun is standing by herself, and Radha has noticed that she appears anxious and has asked Mohan why this is. Radha tells Mohan to stop because it’s Gungun’s day and she needs to visit her, and she does so when Mohan promises to get rid of the flies.

Radha keeps walking towards Gungun, who begins walking backwards, Radha asks Gungun why she is running from her like this, Radha hears the voice of her father and is amazed to see him, while Gungun manages to run away, leaving Radha shocked and wondering where Gungun went. Gungun sees Kadambari and runs to tell her something about Radha; Kadambari realizes she is very anxious but begins greeting the lady who has arrived to apply the Mehandi. Tulsi asks why Gungun is so terrified of her Ramaa since she has not done anything therefore Gungun must go and chat with her.

Kadambari asks Radha if she will keep talking with her family and not let the Dai apply the Mehandi, Radha takes her blessing when the Dai explains her sister said that Radha would get married to the person whose name has been written on her hand, kadambari is glad when ketki explains that Radha’s love story had begun a long time ago, and Ajeet explains that this time she must write the name of Mohan on her hand.

When Tulsi discovers Gungun hiding, she demands to know why she is so afraid of Radha and demands that Gungun go and chat with her about the letters even knowing that Radha will be surrounded by many people today.

When Rahul comes home and sees Gungun standing in the corner, he naturally wonders what’s wrong and rushes to embrace her, at which point she bursts into tears and tells Rahul all about the letters and how she almost forgot to take a bath because of how busy her Ramaa was for just one day. Radha invites Gungun to take a bath with her, and Rahul, assuming something has happened, wonders why Gungun is so frightened.

When Gungun asks Radha to help her get ready to go play with her pals, Radha assures her that they will do just that when she has finished helping Gungun take a bath and get dressed. Gungun removes her hand from Radha’s and runs away after Mohan tells her she’s an adult now and will get ready on her own. Radha is shocked to see the gifts when Mohan explains that Gungun also helped in this gift; Radha says that this is what he was telling in the ears of Gungun; Mohan mentions that today is when their relationship began and that he promised to give her all the answers today; Radha gets very excited and, turning, hits Mohan with her hair; she apologizes. Mohan says there’s a catch: until she cuts her hair, she won’t find out the solution. When Radha says that can’t happen because she loves her hair so much, Mohan reassures her that she needn’t worry. Mohan turns Radha around, and when she says she won’t be getting a haircut, he says he just wants to see her today. As he gently holds her hair, he says that she already looks stunning, but that her open locks would make her even more so. Mohan cheerfully departs, while Radha, overcome with nerves, quickly changes into another outfit.

Tulsi explains to Rahul that Gungun is worried about the letters, and she asks him to read them and tell Gungun that they are all lies. Gungun tries to follow Mohan out the door because she feels compelled to tell her father the truth about Radha, but Mohan leaves the house before she can catch up with him. Gungun reluctantly tells Rahul about the letters, and then he spots Narmada walking up to the Trivedi residence. While Gungun sobs into her grandmother’s arms, Narmada is taken aback and demands to know what’s wrong. Kans, meantime, can’t help but crack a grin. Kans spots Damini and Kaveri loitering on the balcony and signals to them; in response, Damini signals to Gungun.

Episode is over.


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