Neerja Written Episode Update July 27, 2023 – Pisi Maa’s planned visit to the orphanage is disrupted by Bijay.

Neerja Written Episode Update July 27, 2023 – Pisi Maa’s planned visit to the orphanage is disrupted by Bijay.

Both Bijay and Didun visit Abir at his home. Didun is impressed by the size of the mansion. She dreams of one day calling that beautiful home her own. Mousami is happy to have her. Didun is revealed to be Shabnam by Bijay. Mousami lauds her efforts on behalf of orphans. Now Kaushik has arrived and immediately began to distrust Didun. He initiates interrogation. Didun tries to respond, but Kaushik is still skeptical because the orphanage’s name Didun gave him sounds unfamiliar. Here comes Pisi Maa now. To Didun, Bijoy presents her. Pisi Maa inquires of Didun over Didun’s acquisition of Trisha. Didun appears heartbroken, claiming that a stranger abandoned the girl at the door, and she took her in without question. Then Pisi Maa says she wants to come to their orphanage. Didun is at a loss for words, but she manages to get her way in the end. Kaushik is relieved to hear this. He sends Munmun, who is accompanying Abir, a text message with the orphanage’s name and address.

Abir exits the vehicle. Munmun is confused as to why he pulled over when they could have continued on to Sonagachi. Perhaps the girl is a local, she thinks. Abir gets into an altercation while searching for Neerja. From her window, Neerja can hear his shouting and watch him fight with another man. When Munmum accidentally runs into a police officer, she is promptly arrested. As she comes out to save Abir from the man, she fails to notice Neerja waiting for her outside. When the males leave, Neerja turns to Abir and demands to know why he stayed. To meet her, he claims. She rubs some salve onto his cuts.

Pisi Maa and Kaushik, on the other hand, are all set to visit the orphanage. Pisi Maa is ready to visit the orphanage, but Bijay stops her and says it’s best she doesn’t because the media will find out about Abir’s health and the marriage bargain. In agreement, Pisi Maa decides to hide out. Not happy: Kaushik. Didun orders him to abandon her in the market.

There is widespread mockery of Munmun in the police station. To the police, she identifies herself as a Bagchi home resident. Contrarily, Mausomi informs Bijay that Abir is not at home. Bangchi gets a call from a police officer. When the phone rings, Munmun assumes it would be Pisi Maa, but it’s actually Bijay. When he hears that Munmun has been arrested, he is taken aback.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap :In the last installment, Didun made the choice to perform Neerja’s wedding rites. A haldi ceremony is performed for Neerja.

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