Meet Written Episode Update for July 27, 2023

Sumeet is informed by the media that she must visit Raunak’s home because it has been established that they are wed. Raj is informed by Sumeet that I shall have to visit my enemy’s home due to your lies. She and Raunak were never wed. When will she visit Raunak’s home and will she accept him as her spouse, wonders the media. My wife is upset and won’t be able to respond at this time, Raunak says as he stands up. Let’s go to your husband’s place, he adds while holding her hand. Sumeet strikes him. What are you doing, Raj queries? Your husband, he is. He is not, and he has no right to touch me, she claims. Sumeet is told by Shlok to quit acting out and Raj is instructed to make

Raj is being thanked by Sumeet in the room, and Shlok enters to announce that the drama is going well. Sumeet hugs Shlok and expresses gratitude for his trust in her. He claims that the complete truth is still hidden. Shlok describes how he went to meet the tattoo artist after his doctor confirmed that the itching on his hand was caused by a tattoo. He overheard Raj and Sumeet asking about a man who had a tattoo on his hand. White automobile with VIP number, according to the artist. It’s Raunak’s automobile, Shlok remarks when he arrives. Raunak has been arrested, according to Sumeet, who also describes how he has threatened to harm Vani if she exposes the truth. Shlok and Raj are asked to work with Sumeet to

Raj told Sumeet to accept going to Raunak’s residence, according to Shlok, who enters the room and tells Poonam what he overheard. Sumeet says she’s prepared to travel to Raunak’s house, but he needs to be there for the grah pravesh. She receives the customary jewelry from Raunak’s family to wear during the ritual. Shagun believes that she will use the ceremony to play her actual game. When Poonam purges Sumeet’s belongings from Shlok’s cupboard, Shlok advises her to keep them all together so Raj can come and take them. When his brother claims Sumeet won’t return again, he feels awful.

Shlok receives a call from Sumeet informing him that a passenger has arrived halfway to her destination and that it is now his duty to transport her there. Shlok gets ready for the wedding and has a tattoo applied on his hand. He claims that the moment of marriage is so wonderful and that he can’t recall anything. When he was removed from the altar, Sumeet claims that even she had the same questions. Raunak is informed by Shagun that she has chemically tainted the necklace Sumeet received in order to slowly kill her while making it appear as though she committed herself. Priya also shows up to assist Sumeet with her scheme. Sumeet is brought by Raj for grah pravesh. Sumeet is welcomed by Shagun, who promises to dance for her. Sumeet feels something while Shagun is dancing.

Episode is over.


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