Meet Written Episode 30 July 2023

Meet Written Episode 30 July 2023

Due to the skateboards, Sumeet trips and is about to fall on a sharp object Shagun has strategically placed before he is rescued by Shlok. Shagun is frustrated because her strategy did not work. Sumeet interrupts her as she is ready to question Shlok why he is there by telling her to thank him for saving the life of her beloved daughter-in-law. Sumeet’s false claims that she is fasting in honor of Raunak and donning a veil are intertwined. Shlok tricks Shagun into thinking he has come to see if her worries over Sumeet have been alleviated.

She believes him and asks him to watch over Sumeet while she meets with a lawyer about getting Raunak released on bond.Sumeet notices that Shlok’s hand was injured while rescuing her. As she administers first aid to him, she politely requests that he hold her veil. Shlok informs her that the decision to wear a veil was a good one, and she responds that she made it in order to keep his mother’s oath. Once Raunak admits to Shagun that he let Shlok take his position at the wedding altar, according to Sumeet, everything will be resolved. Shagun discloses to her attorney that she possesses forged medical records. Raj overhears and tells Sumeet what he heard.Shlok turns to Sumeet and inquires as to their next move. According to the former member of the chess club, Meet always encouraged them to study the strategies of their opponents. When Raunak visits the jail, she sees Sumeet inside and wonders why she is there.

After teasing him about how horrible he smells, she tells him that she would record his video so that Wonderboy fans may see it. Shlok shows in to play the part of a scolding parent to Sumeet for keeping Raunak awake. Sumeet orders Raunak to perform a song, but all she does is tease her. They encourage Raunak to use the system to break out of jail.Sumeet is dragged outside by Shlok, who demands to know if she is positive that Raunak will bribe the officer. She claims she has no doubt he would carry out the plan, and that if they catch him in the act, they may have his bail revoked. Sumeet and Shlok have a tender moment as the veil falls over the latter’s face.

They are astounded to find Shagun in the police station ahead of schedule. They try to avoid Shagun’s watchful gaze, but Sumeet spots a bug and screams. They fear that if Raunak contacts Shagun, their scheme will fail. The constable has reported that Wonderboy has requested an audience with the inspector.Raunak tells the investigator he is willing to pay whatever price is necessary if only he can cleanse his name in the murder of Priya. He is taken aback to witness members of the media casting doubt on Raunak’s involvement in the case and the motives for his bribery of law enforcement. The attorney says it’s hopeless to get bail at this time. Sumeet rips up his bail documents.

As Raj searches his room for Priya, he discovers that she has hidden herself in a closet. She admits feeling anxious, but Raj reassures her that she will be fine. After a close game, Sumeet and Shlok celebrate with some milk and Jalebi. As they shop for treats, Poonam and Bitti wonder aloud who Shlok is with. Sumeet acts as a random guy who Shlok helped. The episode concludes with Poonam informing Shlok’s mother that the wedding to Bitti will take place in three days.

Episode is over.

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