Meet 28th July 2023 Written Episode: The fate of Sumeet is uncertain.

Meet 28th July 2023 Written Episode: The fate of Sumeet is uncertain.

Shagun pelts Sumeet with flowers. It’s making her dizzy. Raj demands to know what has occurred. Perhaps she’s just thirsty, she says. He orders her to hydrate and assures her that her brother is there to help. Raunak approaches the front for the grah pravesh ceremony. According to Raj, they were supposed to have arrived by now. Shagun steps up with a pot for the ritual, thinking to herself, “After this, Sumeet will be no more.” Your sibling will be a lifelong crier. With the two of you, I shall exact my revenge. Shagun performs arti and then invites Sumeet inside by having him kick the pot. Sumeet moves onward despite continuing dizziness. When the police arrived, she was preparing to kick it. Raunak and Shagun can’t believe it. Raunak is arrested and charged with Priya’s murder, a police officer informs him. Raunak claims I did not kill anyone. The police officer plays a video of a man with sehra killing Priya for them. Sumeet and Raj plotted this whole thing to get Raunak imprisoned, and if he wants to get out of jail free, he’ll have to admit that he wasn’t even in the mandap that day.

The policeman interrogates Raunak, “You were the one hiding the sehra, right?” Raunak admits it, but insists he is innocent of the murder charge. The officer adds that the tattoo shown on Raunak’s hand is also visible on the suspect’s hand in the surveillance footage. Raunak insists that he did not commit any murders. The cop orders his partners to make an arrest. Raunak pulls Shagun aside and explains, “If I say that I wasn’t in mandap, then everyone will know that Shlok married Sumeet, and I don’t want that.” Shagun assures us, “Don’t worry; I’ll make it all right. In a fit of vertigo, Sumeet passes out. If calling the cops was part of your plan, Shagun tells herself, you’ll be doomed.

Raj and Shlok rush Sumeet to the emergency room. The medical examiner’s verdict: she was poisoned. Did she make an attempt on her own life? She would never do it, according to Raj. No antidote can be administered, the doctor continues, until they determine what kind of poison she was exposed to. Worry has set in for Raj and Shlok.

Shagun is currently on the phone setting up a meeting with the minister in an effort to have Raunak released from prison. Raj storms in and demands to know what poison she injected. Shagun seems oblivious. Raj becomes enraged and declares that he is positive that she has acted dishonestly. She explains that she, too, suspects that they are responsible for her son’s incarceration because of their actions. Sumeet’s sudden acceptance of Raunak as her spouse preceded his imprisonment. She begs off since she must rush off to save Raunak. He reached out and took her hand. She insists that her son is her world and that she would do everything to protect him. She urges him to reveal the truth about what they did to land her son in jail if he wants to free his sister from confinement. Away she goes.

Sumeet is still receiving care. We have arrested Raunak and put him in jail. A constable is approached by him and he requests water. Raunak is about to take a sip when Shlok steps in and knocks the glass out of his hands. When he catches up to him, he demands to know what kind of poison was given to Sumeet. The crowd outside is demanding Raunak’s freedom on the grounds that he is innocent. The doctor tells Raj that they ran several tests, but that they won’t know the findings for another four to five hours. He urges him to quickly learn more about the poison. Raunak says he will reveal Shlok the name of the poison if he does him a favor first. He has Shlok get him water and clean his shoes. After that, he has Shlok lick the shoes until they are shiny. Shlok becomes frustrated and pranks him this time. There is a fall. Without naming the poison, Raunak tells Shlok to get away.

As he thinks back on his time with Sumeet, Raj begins to cry. He remembers what Shagun said to him about how she found out that he and Sumeet had put Raunak in jail. Raj argues that he must inform Shagun that Priya is alive and that they staged this whole thing to protect Sumeet from Shagun.

Singing begins with Shlok. Stop, Raunak orders. Now you must offer me a poison name, Shlok warns. I am both your greatest asset and your greatest liability. May I please sing two lines in front of your adoring admirers outside? The true wonderboy will be revealed. You can’t do that, Raunak replies, because you signed a contract. If it means saving Sumeet, Shlok says, “to hell with the contract.” At this time he is using Raunak as a hostage. Raunak gives in and tells him the name of the poison. Meanwhile, Raj has been calling Shagun and she hasn’t picked up. The phone rings, and it’s Shlok. According to Shlok, he has discovered the name of the toxin and the location of the hospital that has it. Within 15 minutes, the doctor requests that Raj inform him. If the hospital is 45 minutes away, then how will Shlok get there in 15?

Episode is over.

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