Kundali Bhagya Written Episode Update July 27, 2023: Preeta’s visit to the Luthra mansion is cut short by the Inspector.

Kundali Bhagya Written Episode Update July 27, 2023: Preeta’s visit to the Luthra mansion is cut short by the Inspector.

When Preeta is about to leave the police station, a female officer stops her and says that her sister is calling. Preeta says she just met her and has to get to work, but after hearing that her sister is sick, she changes her mind and returns to the station.

While Karan is behind the wheel, Varun calls to see how he is doing and provide any assistance he can. Karan assures him that everything is OK and then inquires about Varun’s parents, who he says were first surprised but are now well. Nidhi receives a phone call from Shaurya, who wants to know where she is. She tells him that she is accompanying his father to the police station and that she will make this case so big that no one will be able to handle it. Nidhi then suggests that Shaurya go and be with kavya, but Shaurya refuses, saying he will not go to KD because she always supports Rajveer and never trusts him. After Karan hangs up with Varun, Nidhi says, “He’s really tense because of Shaurya.” At this point, Karan asks Nidhi if it was Shaurya, at which point Nidhi hangs up.

While out for a stroll, Shaurya overhears Rakhi and Bani Dadi expressing their concern for Rajveer despite their lack of familial ties to the latter due to the latter’s actions and attitudes toward them. When Kavya says she’s worried about Rajveer, too, and that she knows he’d never do something like that, Shaurya explodes with rage. Kavya says she saw Rajveer at the police station; upon hearing this, Shaurya assumes they are Shaurya’s relatives because everyone seems so fond of Rajveer. Kavya reveals that when she went to see him, Rajveer began scolding him like an older brother, even though he is younger. She becomes sad and asks Bani Dadi if he will ever come out. Shaurya storms off in a huff.

Hearing Shristhi’s cries, Preeta rushes to her side, asking where the pain is coming from. When the constable refuses to even open the door, she asks, “Even if someone dies because of it?” Hearing this, the constable is forced to open the cell, and Preeta sits down next to Shristhi, asking where the pain is coming from. Shristhi then tells Preeta that she must not visit the Luthra man Shristhi tries to dissuade Preeta from visiting Rajveer in his current condition. She says the Luthras have accused Rajveer of being a thief, so why should they listen to her? Preeta, however, counters that she can ask anyone or even plead in front of them, and that what if they realize how they’ve made a mistake and can even take back their composure? Preeta says she cannot sit here thinking they might not listen to them because even the Inspector has said that she must at least communicate with them, so she departs after Shristhi reveals that they are the Luthra’s and that Preeta does not know them.

When Rajveer’s wife, Preeta, informs the inspector that she plans to meet with the Luthras, he stops her and explains that he was the one who advised Rajveer to go and talk with the Luthras, but he now has a feeling that they might want to send him to jail for something. Mohit asks the inspector why he is asking this question, and the inspector responds that he has started feeling that this case is something personal.

When Nidhi inquires as to their destination, Karan explains that Shaurya was treated well by Rajveer’s aunt after he was arrested and that he thinks they should also at least talk with them. Nidhi quickly follows and stops Karan, but he persists in ringing the doorbell despite her protests that they might be asleep. After waiting for a while, Karan finally leaves, and Nidhi begins to worry that her plan is doomed because she met Mohit along with Shristhi.

Kavya hears the noise and goes to ask what’s wrong; she tries to stop him, but he says she must get out of his way; he says that she is always worried for Rajveer but she never considered how he would feel about all this; he says he thought she would always support him, but he’s come to realize that she loves Rajveer more than he does at any given moment. Kavya begs him to stop since he’s bleeding from the hands, but he just walks away. Incredulous at seeing Kavya crying, Rakhi enters the room, looking for Shaurya. When she asks what happened, Kavya replies that something got stuck in her ear. Rakhi questions Shaurya about their argument, and Shaurya admits that he is at fault because Rakhi can only see the tears in her eyes. He then asks Rakhi why she still thinks Rajveer is innocent despite the police investigation. Kavya begs Shaurya to let her put on the bandage, but he refuses, saying she should only visit her frightened brother, Rajveer.

Mohit asks Preeta to calm down because she seems weak, but Preeta insists that she is not. Preeta then continues to argue with the Inspector, asking him why he did not tell the Luthra’s that they cannot file any more charges, to which the Inspector responds that he has to file the complaint of anyone who comes to the police station.

Nidhi, who is currently seated next to Karan, recalls how Shristhi yelled at him outside the Luthra Mansion, and she speculates that the inspector may have even arrested the aunt of Rajveer, placing her in the women’s wing so that they would not run across anyone from their group.

Preeta explains that the Inspector has been assigned to help them and not just the rich because they have their wealth with them, but individuals like her just have the backing of the legal system, therefore she is understandably angry.

Episode is over.

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