Kumkum Bhagya Written episode July 29, 2023 – The Mall Robbery Attempt

Kumkum Bhagya Written episode July 29, 2023 – The Mall Robbery Attempt

At the outset of the show, Dida grabs Ranbir by the hand and pulls him to one side. Ranbir gives her a startled expression. Dida starts to cry. You have arrived, Ranbir tells Dida. How is she, he says as he embraces her. Dida assures me that everything is great and that I am just here to do some shopping. Why did you come here, she inquires? Ranbir claims I came here to do some shopping. If you are indeed here and did not leave, as Dida claims, then please come home to meet us. All the causes, according to Ranbir, are known to you. Dida explains that she doesn’t get it and wonders whether anyone else has this problem with their families. She tells him that his mother and sisters can’t survive without him.Don’t bother talking too much, replies Ranbir; I can’t go home and see Mommy. That’s when Dida smacked him across the face. As he speaks, Ranbir cups his cheeks. When asked why she hit him, Dida replies, “I don’t know.” I know you’re mad at me, Ranbir says, so please don’t apologize.

How can you do this with us, your mother loves you so much that she’s getting angry just thinking about it?, Dida wonders. Ranbir urges her not to worry about their mother because she will be preoccupied with other matters. He admits that he, too, misses and thinks about her on a regular basis, but that he cannot return home since everyone would be terrified to see him in his current mental state. He begs her to tell his parents that he’s okay, that he’s in their hearts, and that they shouldn’t bother asking him to return home or to meet his mother. Since I’m with her, Dida thinks I’ve protected you from Pallavi. Where is Mummy, Ranbir wants to know. At Pallavi, Dida signs him. Ranbir remembers he went out of the house. Song starts…He has Dida swear not to reveal his presence to anyone. Dida claims to have seen you already and dismissed it as an illusion; she claims to have seen you because she misses you constantly.

If Ranbir says so, then please just let it be an illusion on her part. At that moment, they hear a commotion of voices. Ranbir says, “I’ll have Mom come see you because you’re hurt, but I won’t be there to meet her.” He suggests that Dida act it out. He then reveals to Pallavi, under cover of darkness, that the woman she’s with has been injured. “Ranbir,” Pallavi reveals. From there, he departs.Everybody’s on the go. Abhay, Mihika, and Divya are also out for a run. Mihika demands to know the reason for the panic. Perhaps, as Divya suggests, the flames have been caught. Perhaps, Abhay says, and then he orders them to flee. The thief put pepper spray on the security cameras. They use airstrikes. The robbers have Divya’s hand in theirs, and one of them has threatened to shoot her if anyone tries to escape. The robbers have arrived, and Abhay wants to know where Akshay has hidden Prachi. Concerned, Akshay casts a glance towards Prachi. Prachi seemed to be taken aback by Divya. Akshay approaches Prachi, takes her by the hand, and starts running beside her. In an effort to defend Divya, Ranbir runs towards the thief and slips into him, knocking him to the ground. Divya, he says, must hurry.

Divya sprints over to see whether Mihika is OK. The other thug has his gun trained on Ranbir. Akshay and Prachi go to the courtroom, where Abhay follows. Prachi interrogates him about why he pushed the man. Akshay begs her to stop asking him questions. His muscles stiffen up.Divya and Mihika take refuge in the surveillance room. Ranbir rescued Divya from the goon, but the goon is still present, as Divya explains. Mihika can’t believe it. She claims the thugs have sprayed the CCTV cameras with fog so we are in there. She claims that our vision will improve if someone cleans. When Mihika tries to dial 911, she encounters network congestion. Dida tries to get Pallavi away to a secure location. Pallavi states to Dida, “I can hear only him,” describing her experience as feeling as though she had seen Ranbir. I am growing angry and missing him terribly, according to her. She claims that I am attempting to be patient, but that I simply cannot stand it and want Ranbir instead. Dida gives her a hug to calm her down. You’re not crazy, Dida assures you; Ranbir was your son. Pallavi insists you’re fibbing; he wasn’t actually Ranbir. She claims I’ve lost my mind. Dida claims that he is your biological son because you called him here with your maternal love. Pallavi challenges her with an oath and a declaration. While Dida tries to stop her, Pallavi proceeds to give him a call. The robbers are taking aim at Ranbir. To put it simply, the Manager is fast.

Ranbir recollects he and the robber had a collision. The robber orders everyone to sit down and warns that he would shoot anyone who makes a disturbance if his temper flares. The woman grabs her cell phone and takes off running. Her phone is taken and she is pushed by the thief. Ranbir begs them to treat the woman with respect and assures them that she is acting in the right way by trying to save her life.The thief explains that he doesn’t want any noise and orders his partner to execute the woman. Don’t murder me, the woman begs. A consumer and not our opponent, the robber thinks it’s fine to leave her alone. He claims they’ve broken in to the floor above to steal jewelry and cash and that they’re horrible individuals who are bad to others who are bad to them. He threatens that we will rob you as well. The salesgirl makes an effort to dial, but the thief informs her and the others that they are free to do so. The majority of them make an effort.

The thief claims he has sprayed the security cameras with a chemical and installed a gadget to jam the network. Let me do my job, he continues, and Manager will assist me. No one can move, he argues, because no one knows where he has gone. Abhay informs Akshay that he has made him angry and that the other person has pushed him too, so now he is taking his frustrations out on them. I’m not taking it out on other people, Akshay explains; I’m just doing what I have to. You’re not allowed to leave until the manager arrives, he says. If Prachi has her way, I’m leaving. Akshay prevents her from leaving and declares, “I will not let you go anywhere.” Have you lost your mind, Prachi asks. Ranbir, she claims, is outdoors and in dire need of our help. After saying it, she immediately regrets it. You’re not going anywhere, Akshay assures her as he firmly grasps her hand. Ranbir and Divya, according to Akshay, are outdoors and need our help. She shoves him and bolts from the room. Akshay is pushed inside the trial room by the customers and personnel who have been waiting outside.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap: The thief demands Prachi’s mangalsutra. Prachi has been evading her request for a mangalsutra. The robber demands that his partner put an end to her life. The thief reaches for her mangalsutra. To save Prachi, Ranbir has sped there.

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