July 27th, 2023, written episode of Pandya Store: Dhawal and Natasha’s altercation

Amrish begins the episode by informing everyone that Natasha now in charge of the Pandya store. I need her permission to sell the store, he claims. All of them criticize Natasha. They are to manage the engagement, he requests. They go away. That female isn’t right, Dhawal claims; hold on, I’ll find her. I never get girls wrong, he adds. Amrish promises to give you a simple assignment: arrange for her engagement. I want to take over the Pandya store, he says. Dhawal claims that it is impossible. Amrish commands, “Get her under control. I want her to get engaged today. I’m leaving.”

Natasha remembers each person. She resumes her work. Asking her to respond is Suman. Natasha teeters. Kaka predicts that I will arrive later. Suman is asked to make good on Natasha’s loss. Suman claims that I would respond to you then, when you respond to me at home. Shesh prepares. You know everything, Mittu says as he approaches, “I want this perfume.” It’s imported, claims Shesh. He uses Mittu as an example. He asks why I’m scratching. Mittu claims that this foreign perfume is harmful since I am also scratching. Shesh advises me to adjust. They alter their attire. Suman arrives. We’re heading to the college festival, Shesh says. Suman claims that Chutki is in charge of the store, correct? Let’s go get some food, Mittu says. She chastises him.

Natasha is shopping. The trash is dropped. Suman says Natasha and I will accompany me when we attend the festival. Shesh claims you cannot attend the college festival. They have an idea and provide Suman with a dress. I’ll feel shy, according to Suman. With a nod. Dhawal shuts down the shop. Upon seeing Dhawal, Natasha reprimands him. He promises that we’ll attend my brother’s engagement together. You give me my money, she says. If you want money, he claims you must come. They clash.

Suman arrives at the college dressed in western attire. Urmi says it’s a good day and thanks for making it possible for her to attend the college festival. Suman looks stylish while sporting the glasses. Shesh says you have a good look. Suman strikes him. Dhawal claims that you are powerless. I won’t be going, Natasha says. Lifted by him. She bites him before stooping. She chastises him. When Amrish calls, he begs him to hurry up and get Natasha. Dhawal considers how to approach her. Calling Natasha is Suman. Acting first, she calls out for her to come to her.

Natasha has said I’ll go. Suman claims that I attended college after Shesh and Mittu, so hurry up. Mittu and Shesh laugh.

Dhawal hands over the cash and instructs recipients to use the remaining funds during the engagement party. Natasha claims that he can now force me to find Suman. She invites Dhawal to go. She reclines on his bicycle. He takes her while grinning. Waiting for Natasha is Suman. We’re going to the college festival, Natasha says. Dhawal describes you as odd. Chirag is awaiting Dolly. Natasha travels with Dhawal to the wedding. Mittu, Shesh, and Suman are waiting outside the campus. Suman queries who this man is. Suman is pursued by Natasha. Dhawal takes her while holding her hand. That man, according to Shesh, is our senior. Chirag asks for the ring and drags Dhawal along. Suman yells, “Leave her!” She assures him, “Don’t worry; I’ll save you.”

Chirag states that we will sort the ring in the precap. Dhawal appeals to Suman. Fix their engagement, Shesh advises.

Episode is over.

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