Imlie Written Episode Update for July 27, 2023: Kairi is taken by Sharmaji.

Imlie looks for Kairi and queries the children about seeing Kairi. They reject it. Atharva spots a car driving near Imlie and intervenes in time to save Imlie. According to Imlie, Chini must have kidnapped Kairi. Atharva claims Chini is imprisoned. Police show up. Imlie is informed by Atharva that since they both put up a lot of fights for Kairi, they now need to band together for Kairi’s sake. Members of the community who claim they haven’t seen Kairi in a while are questioned by the police. About the CCTV footage, the inspector inquires. They dial Sharmaji, who rejects all accusations and claims Imlie is making up. Atharva claims Sharma talks nonsense and recalls how Imlie taught him a lesson for misbehaving with her in front of the entire society, suggesting that perhaps he is seeking retaliation. Sharma disputes the claims. Sharma’s home will be searched, per the inspector’s request. According to Sharma, a warrant must be obtained before searching a dignified person’s home. All of them, according to Atharva, noticed his poise. As a child goes gone, society members want the inspector to investigate every home. Inspector accompanies Sharmaji.

Imlie is crying, and Devika attempts to soothe her by telling her not to ruin her health by crying since Kairi needs her. Imlie claims she actually requires Kairi. She is urged to have confidence in God by Rudra. As she makes her way to the temple, she berates the god for taking Kairi from her and asks him to either kill her or bring them back together. In order to survive without her and Kairi, Atharva begs her not to pray for her demise. Devika is informed by Shivani that a mother and father had reconnected in pursuit of their daughter and that Kairi hopes to be the catalyst for their permanent reunion. After solace, Atharva removes Imlie from the shrine. Laddoo is Kairi’s favorite food, and she believes she won’t leave her god’s idol until her parents stop bickering. She follows her parents after spotting them together.

After calling Kairi, Sharma kidnaps her. Imlie reports to Atharva that she suspects Kairi is around after picking up on her presence. According to Atharva, he too senses that she is around, and they will both find her. Kairi is brought to Sharma’s home. Kairi queries whether her uncle is awful for bringing her here and why. Sharma questions whether she believes her parents, who complained about him and got him demoted from society secretary to security in charge, are bad. Hit by Kairi. She is just as terrible, according to Sharma, as his mother. While Kairi’s parents are searching for her, the man’s wife observes Kairi and inquires as to her whereabouts. Sharma urges her to prepare food for them and tells her not to tell anyone that he brought Kairi here. His wife accuses him of wrongdoing. Sharma advises her to focus on her work and not worry about it. He hides Kairi in a storage area after spotting police downstairs.

Family members try to console Imlie as she sobs incessantly for Kairi. According to Devika, a mother can hear her child’s voice even when no one else can. At a temple, Imlie and Atharva pray. They ask the sweeper after seeing Kairi’s sandal on the street; he replies that he discovered it under the A wing building. They see Sharma’s wife looking out the window of the A wing.

Atharva’s drip is poisoned by the nurse. Imlie notices a problem, looks at the security camera, and then sprints to save Atharva.

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