Imlie Written Episode 29 July 2023 – The Evil Scheme of Keya to Murder Atharva

Imlie Written Episode 29 July 2023 – The Evil Scheme of Keya to Murder Atharva

As Imlie looks around for Kairi, she spots her in a corner, sobbing while wearing Atharva’s jacket. Imlie interrogates her about her presence. Kairi claims that she needs monkey paa’s clothes in order to sleep, and she asks if she may bring them along. Imlie starts to cry. Imlie’s conscience begins to speak out, telling her that she is playing a game and that, in depriving Kairi of her parents while they are still alive, she is repeating the error that Atharva made for five years. Keya paces nervously around her room. She is asked to unwind by Akash.

Keya claims that they are taking it easy here despite pressure from back home to send Imlie and Kairi back to school. According to Akash, they will be adopting a child. Keya claims that the adoption agency have not yet responded, but that soon the family will seize their rights and make Imlie and Kairi legitimate heirs. Akash tells her he has something planned and she shouldn’t worry.The state of Atharva’s health continues to worsen. After examining him, the doctor tells Atharva’s family that he likely has internal bleeding and has to be taken to the hospital immediately.

Imlie steps in as Kairi enters, telling Atharva that the two of them have finally worn down their stubbornness and won’t be leaving. The situation for Atharva is looking up. Atharva is recovering, and the doctor claims it’s all thanks to magic. If you ask Rudra, Atharva is better now that Imlie is there. The doctor walks out after telling Rudra to contact him if he’s needed. From there, Shivani abducts Devika, leaving Atharva in the care of Imlie and Kairi. Kairi assures her monkey paa that she and her mother would be staying with him. Let her paa rest, Imlie tells her, and then he takes over.Keya complains to Akash that she can never relax because of his family; in this case, they persuaded Imlie to remain behind. She claims that she has hired a struggling actress to take the role of Atharva’s nurse and given the actress orders to kill Atharva. When Akash hears this, he is overjoyed. Imlie goes back to Atharva’s room after remembering that she should have given the nurse some medication. When she sees the nurse injecting Atharva, she intervenes.

While the drugs are still in her possession, she inquires about which injection she gave Atharva. The injection is a vitamin, so the nurse claims. Imlie claims that her doctor failed to mention that she would be receiving an intravenous multivitamin. She dials the doctor’s office to find out if Atharva was given any injections. The doctor claims he didn’t send in a prescription but did include one with her other medications and let her family know what was going on. The nurse recalled the doctor calling on a landline and asking a maid to let Imlie know about the addition of multivitamins. She probably planned to administer a poison injection, but when she heard Imlie approaching, she settled for a multivitamin instead.Imlie calls the family together and explains that she will only be able to continue living in the Rana home if she is allowed to pay rent. Devika probes further, wanting to know if she intends to violate their rights.

Imlie claims she will not deny them the opportunity to love and pamper her, but she does want to continue to rely on herself as she has throughout her life. Since she has already accepted to stay at the Rana house, Keya advises her to stop making a big deal out of the issue of rent. Imlie gives an impassioned speech that wins over Devika and Rudra. Keya is angry that Imlie was able to persuade her family so easily, and she must now order the nurse to have Atharva murdered immediately. Atharva’s drip is poisoned by the nurse. In a state of terror, Atharva calls Kairi after waking up. Keya will not spare the nurse if she believes he spent a toxic dose on her. Imlie comes in, scolds the nurse, and leaves. She tries to calm Atharva down by mentioning that Kairi is now secure because of his heroic actions. Atharva argues that since their collaboration was successful, they should keep working together indefinitely.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap: Atharva’s drip is poisoned by the nurse. As soon as Imlie sees the security tape, she knows something is wrong and she rushes to help Atharva.

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