Faltu Written Episode Update July 28, 2023 – Faltu has decided not to forgive Ayaan.

Faltu Written Episode Update July 28, 2023 – Faltu has decided not to forgive Ayaan.

Faltu opens off the episode by saying, “You promised me before, too; you doubt me; you went through the opposite rounds before eliminating me; you broke my heart.” Sadly, Ayaan has to decline. According to Faltu, we’re officially divorced, so please don’t touch me. You can’t say that, he warns. She says, “I have learned to live without you,” adding, “We aren’t made for each other; we fought the world for our love and lost to each other.” I am doomed, he says. Janardhan is questioned to provide light on the mystery woman. She continues, “I told you sorry when I wasn’t at fault; I told you, Ruhaan spiked my drink; you have no value of my sorry; I have no interest in your sorry; go and stay happy; you should be happy to get rid of me.” To go, she requests that Dada ji tell Ayaan to go. Give him a chance, as Dada ji believes it was meant to be that you two met here. I begged him not to, but he forced me to leave the house; he came here because Ruhaan confessed the truth, and she doesn’t understand why. She admonishes Ayaan.

You can insult me and beat me up, but Ayaan insists that you must accompany her. Her hand is in his. Neil interrupts Ayaan and adds, “You won’t push her, you should accept her decision. Not all the girls are the same. Tanu expresses concern and suggests that Faltu return after forgiving Ayaan. Sid approaches her and tells her how much he appreciates their friendship. He admonishes her. She sobs, “I worry for Ayaan and this family, and I know he can’t stay happy with Faltu,” she says. He apologises and says, “I’m worried for Ayaan, too” meaning that the two of them have lost their ability to concentrate on their daily lives. He embraces her. She is convinced that Faltu will never return. Don’t get my wife involved, Ayaan tells Neil; we’ll work out our differences. Neil responds, “Wife? You’re getting a divorce?” According to Ayaan, I tore the divorce papers, hence there was no divorce. Neil says you’re flip-flopping too quickly, so I won’t allow you take her against Faltu’s will. He recommends that Janardhan take Ayaan. In his opinion, nobody has the authority to coerce Faltu. Ayaan wants Faltu to share his thoughts. They are asked to leave by Faltu. Neil and Dada ji provided me a place to stay, she continues, so you should go there. To Janardhan, she expresses regret.

Tanu doubts whether or not Faltu actually is at Neil’s place. The inspector confirms that, in fact, he rescued her from thugs. That was very kind of you, she says. It’s true what Ayaan says about us not being related. This is a definite “no” from Faltu. He claims that you won’t worry if anything happens to me. A vase is smashed over his head. Both Janardhan and Faltu yell. He takes out a blade and says, “You don’t care about my life, do you? Then I’m leaving this place.” They are stopped by Faltu. Ayaan says you love me and wouldn’t want to see me hurt. If you have seen Tanu, please let Sid know. According to Dadi, Savita insisted on meeting Faltu, and Tanu obliged. His anger grows.

Savita, Tanu, and Faltu all meet up. Savita spots Ayaan and demands to know what he has done. Faltu is the one who helps Ayaan. Savita puts an end to Faltu and takes a seat. Tanu confirms that you are in fact Neil and asks why you and Faltu are on the run from the law if you met in Nasik. So says Neil, I made a new friend in Faltu. I’m not related to you anymore, according to Faltu. I think you two have become good friends, Tanu says. Savita interrogates Faltu, “Tell me, when did you first meet Neil?” Dada ji inquires as to your utterances. Ayaan feels it’s unnecessary to respond. He admonishes Tanu. How long will you be able to stop them, Faltu wonders, because this is my position in your family and I can’t stay where no one believes me. Janardhan claims that her patience has run out because we have always questioned her. Ayaan adds, “I promise I will make everything fine and I will get your forgiveness.”

Sid and Tanu have a fight. Dadi tells them to quiet down. As far as Tanu is concerned, Faltu hurled numerous insults at Ayaan. Savita claims, “Yes, she asked us to leave, like its her house, and they were supporting her like she is their bahu.” If you speak out against Faltu, as Ayaan has yelled enough, Maa, you can assume I’ve died. I simply want my Faltu back, he says. To which Sid said, “I’m with you; tell me what assistance you need to win her back.” Ayaan promises to apologize to her and make good on her desire if he is able to bring her back within the next week.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap :Ayaan, according to Neil, has already sent these. I don’t want this, says Faltu. Ayaan visits her at home to offer his apologies.


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