Anupama Written Episode Update July 27, 2023 – Kinjal’s Promise From Paritosh

Dimple incites Samar against his family and remarks that it’s good he stood up for himself since they all believe they can put pressure on us because we are younger than them and that they are not naive enough to not know what is best for them. Samar queries whether it was a mistake for them to sign a contract with MD as everyone claims. Dimpy claims that they made the right choice and are actually attempting to serve as a mediator between MD and mummy. They can be near MD and can warn mummy when she behaves inappropriately. They are genuine individuals who are actually supporting their family, according to Dimpy. Samar appears to be an adult, but Vanraj claims that he is actually quite naive and won’t be fooled by MD’s trickery. Samar is not so small that they can compel him, according to Kavya, who acknowledges her understanding of his anxiety. Anuj and Anupama will manage the problem. Vanraj says they would do their best for the baby and apologizes for distracting her from the baby shower ceremony. Kavya appears anxious.

After learning that Anuj is planning Kavya’s baby shower ceremony in the Kapadia home, Barkha reacts by saying that Maaya’s 13th day ritual is still ongoing and that it is unlucky to do any joyful rituals when someone has recently passed away. She can skip it, according to Anuj, who is doing this to make CA happy. Angush supports him. Barkha complains that today has been awful, with news of Pakhi’s company joining earlier, Samar and Dimpy becoming MD later, and now this news of the baby shower. Adhik claims he doesn’t give a damn what Samar and Dimpy do because he is afraid Pakhi would endanger them and he won’t spare her. He is warned by Barkha not to hurt Pakhi.

Toshu expresses gratitude to Kinjal for helping him defeat Dimpy. Kinjal responds, “Well in that case, thank you as well for supporting mummy. It seems he is trying to mend himself. Toshu explains how mama always stands up for her kids and gave up her desire to visit the USA for CA now and for them back then. He claims that Samar was his mother’s nice son before turning wicked, so why can’t he do the same? He wants Pari to emulate her mother and Kinjal, and he is not saying this to win her sympathy—he truly means what he says. In order to help him change, he begs her not to leave the house without Pari. When he has made the decision to change, God will make everything right, Kinjal hugs him and promises.

Anupama asks God why she is having such negative thoughts and imagines Samar phoning him out of dread. MD sees a sobbing baby on her couch, but it quickly vanishes. She questions why, after killing a mother’s feelings, she is thinking about a baby once more. The following morning, Anupama discovers a loose tile in her room and decides to have it mended before guests begin to arrive for Kavya’s baby shower ceremony. Pakhi offers to deliver a contract and the tile-fixing cement from the Roff company. Leela requests that everyone move quickly so they can get to the Kapadia home in time for Kavya’s baby shower ceremony. Samar presents candy and requests that Leela store it with gift boxes. Yes, Leela nods. If she’s able to help, Dimpy asks. Leela advises her to simply perform her routine task of starting a housefire. Leela is tasked by Hasmukh with speaking well on the auspicious day. Kavya inquires as to Kinjal’s whereabouts after preparing her. As she exits the building, Kinjal announces that she must cancel because of an important meeting. Her family has asked her to focus on her work obligations and not worry about the event. For being unable to make Kavya ready, Kinjal apologizes to her once more. Leela promises to do so. Kavya claims she doesn’t want to appear dated. Hasmukh chuckles and remarks that families need to be happy like this. Let’s get ready, Toshu says. Vanraj promises to prepare Kavya. Kavya appears anxious.

Anuj bids Anupama a nice morning and recites a poem for her. She embraces him and responds. He promises to assist her in the kitchen. She urges him to go relax since she claims he interferes with her job. They talk about how crucial today’s event is to Kavya and themselves. She yells at him to leave and challenges Gurumaa to defend her children at any costs in a message asking for her pardon. Anupama will allegedly do anything if MD lets her.

TomorrowRecap :Kavya believes that she must tell V the truth because she can no longer betray him. The baby shower process begins. Vanraj explains to Kavya that their child is essential to their happiness and brought them together before it was born. Kavya appears worried. Anupama queries what transpired.

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