Ajooni Written Episode Update July 27, 2023 – When Dolly looks, she sees Harvindar and Shikha kissing.

Ajooni Written Episode Update July 27, 2023 – When Dolly looks, she sees Harvindar and Shikha kissing.

Cheeko tells her father, Giyaneshwar, that she tried to steal her friend’s bicycle but her friend pushed her away; she then asks him to buy a bicycle for her, but he declines, saying they lack the funds to do so at the moment. To the Almighty, Giyaneshwar implores, “I can’t complain to you but give me strength to earn money for my daughter, please do something for me.” He has been working hard, but his daughter has been sobbing today. While Shikha and Harvindar are hunkered down, they overhear him.

I trimmed Harman’s hair since it was glued, as Ajooni informed Rajveer. Harman promptly fled. Aman explains to him that she intended to apply the mehndi she prepared to Ajooni’s hair instead. I exited the kitchen after seeing Dolly there and checking my phone, but there is no new information. Dolly claims I’m innocent. Dolly keeps putting glue in the mehndi, as Ajooni claims she did, so she must be doing it on purpose. Dolly claims that she is telling lies, and Rajveer seems to agree. We all know you did it, Ajooni continues; who else would it be? Dolly is told to be quiet by Rajveer. Bebe tells him to stop taking his wife’s side. He says, “I have complete faith in Ajooni.” Bebe responds, “I have faith that Dolly would never do anything like this,” suggesting that Ajooni be disciplined. I’ll have to have a conversation with Ravindra after Bebe tells me I’m useless. Even if you don’t agree with my choice, Rajveer says I have to make one. Ajooni intervenes as he casts an angry look at Dolly. She claims that Bebe was correct in her assessment that both Dolly and I were in the wrong. I should be penalized because Harman left the house because of me after I cut her hair. Dolly inquires of Rajveer, “Are you going to punish your wife now?” Bebe begs Rajveer to take it easy on her. Yes, I should be punished, according to Ajooni. Rajveer is taken aback, but he takes his place on the throne. You’re not allowed to contact me for four days, and if you do, you’ll be kicked out of the house, he says. Ajooni and the rest can’t believe it. Rajveer adds, “I’ll get what I deserve because I’m punishing you for no reason,” and then he goes in a glum mood. When Ajooni hears that, she starts to cry. It occurs to Dolly that she should have Ajooni evicted.

After visiting Dolly in the hospital, Aman goes to wait in the car. Dolly spots Harvindar and Shikha leaving the medical center. She reveals her horror to Aman, but he cannot find them anywhere. Dolly wonders aloud what Harvindar was up to with Shikha. Someone is looking for them.

All of Bebe’s relatives are out of town today, so she and Rajveer are eating alone. When Rajveer eats and starts coughing, Ajooni quickly brings him a glass of water, but he pays no attention to her. Bebe cautions Ajooni to avoid him. Sad to see Rajveer go. Bebe warns Ajooni that if she doesn’t do what she’s supposed to, he’ll kick her out of the house.

As he sits alone, Rajveer thinks back on the day he was harsh with Ajooni. She brings him food and gives him a mournful expression as she does so. Bebe sees them and assumes that if she approaches Rajveer, I would kick her out of the house. Ajooni feeds Rajveer, spots Bebe watching them, and leaves. Upon his return, Ajooni takes a seat in front of Rajveer. She opens the book to a page that tells the tale of a just king who loved his queen until someone ensnared the queen and turned her into the king.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap :Dolly and Aman have arrived at Shikha’s house, and they are searching for Harvindar. Dolly thinks she sees someone behind the curtain and is about to check, despite Aman’s insistence that we leave.

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