‘Do Chutki Sindoor’ antagonist Jatin Suri (played by Suri) discusses his experience in the Show.

‘Do Chutki Sindoor’ antagonist Jatin Suri (played by Suri) discusses his experience in the Show.

Jatin Suri, who starred Diamond Singh in the hit TV show comedies ‘Nimki Mukhiya’ and ‘Nimki Vidhayak,’ will soon demonstrate his range by playing an adversary in the upcoming series ‘Do Chutki Sindoor.’

In a recent interview, Jatin discussed the experience, saying, “I’m pleased to be a part of ‘Do Chutki Sindoor’ adversary in the program. This is my first time playing a villain, and I’m excited by the challenge. Tanmay will scheme against the protagonist and may even murder him. I’m excited to show my audience a new side of me through this.

Beginning his career on the show ‘Nimki Mukhiya,’ which was a huge hit thanks in large part to his co-star, the legendary Rita Bhaduri, the actor went on to have a fruitful career. Jatin looks back on his time with them with gratitude, saying, “I feel happy to have started my acting career with ‘Nimki Mukhiya.’ It was a privilege to work with Rita ji. I will always remember the special times we shared in her final weeks. She was a great instructor, and I remember her advice on acting and her delicious sweets fondly to this day.

Jatin’s drive to experiment with both television and OTT channels demonstrates his excitement for professional development. As an actor, I’m always wanting to broaden my experience,” he says. Please don’t force me into one certain kind of expression. If a chance presents itself, I take it with both hands. Having played a variety of hard characters, including a youngster in a critically acclaimed piece, I am thrilled to be branching out into TV and OTT. I hope there will be many more chances like this one.

Jatin’s casting as Tanmay in ‘Do Chutki Sindoor,’ with Radhika Muthukumar and Shubham Dipta, would undoubtedly add depth to the plot. Jatin Suri’s passion and talent as an actor have made him a hit on both TV and the internet.

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