As the first year of ‘Ajooni’ passes, Shoaib Ibrahim and Ruhaan share a touching moment.

As the first year of ‘Ajooni’ passes, Shoaib Ibrahim and Ruhaan share a touching moment.

Shoaib Ibrahim returned to television after a three-year absence with the hit sitcom Ajooni. Fans recently bombarded him with words of congratulations as the show ended its first successful year, praising Rajveer’s journey and more. Shoaib expressed his appreciation by posting a sweet photo of him and Ruhaan to Instagram.

Shoaib reflected on the last year’s beauty by writing, “When our trip began a year ago… Completing a year was something I never thought would be celebrated so extravagantly… In Rajveer Bagga’s first year… “It’s been an Ajooni year!”

One such funny cut was Shoaib’s debut vlog, in which he announced his return to television after a three-year hiatus. In the video, Rajveer Bagga thanked his devoted audience for their patience and gave them a sneak peek at the show that would eventually make him famous, Ajooni.

Shoaib had previously discussed his intention to leave the show in order to spend more time with his wife Dipika and their newborn child in an interview. ‘I had notified the producers that I am quitting the show,’ he revealed. I’ve never told anyone this before. Dipika was pregnant for nine months, and despite my best efforts, I was unable to stay by her side throughout that time. Despite my best efforts to return home after shoots, Dipika and the newborn require my attention. Family is more important than work any day. Since our field welcomes workers of all ages, I am confident that I will be able to obtain employment.

Nonetheless, with the production company’s approval, Shoaib went through with the show. He is tackling his professional and family commitments with equal diligence thanks to the new shooting schedule. Ayushi Khurana, one of his co-stars, said that everyone’s schedules had to be rearranged to work around Shoaib’s dedication to his family.

Shoaib Ibrahim and the cast and crew of Ajooni are reveling in the adulation of the show’s devoted audience as they celebrate the show’s milestone anniversary, and the road ahead is sure to be filled with even more unforgettable moments.


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