Written Update Anupama July 28th, 2023 – Kavya Has a Pang of Guilt

Written Update Anupama July 28th, 2023 – Kavya Has a Pang of Guilt

Kavya feels she can’t continue to hide the truth from Vanraj/V any longer; nevertheless, if she comes clean, everything would be ruined, and the love she has yearned for and finally found will be gone in an instant. Both the negative and positive aspects of her inner voice urge her to either do nothing and risk losing V, or confess the truth to V. If she truly loves V and can’t bear V’s betrayal, she should risk losing V forever, but the other side of her brain argues she shouldn’t. It only makes her madder. Vanraj approaches the woman on foot. Kavya gives him a bear embrace. Vanraj assures her that she can get dressed whatever she likes (except with makeup) and goes on to outline the characteristics of their future child. Kavya is worried about telling the truth to V.

There will now be a celebration. Members of the Kapadia and Shah families put on a fashion show in their finest garments. Deewangi Deewangi Hai… Bas background music is playing. Everyone always comments on how radiant Kavya looks and how much they love her fashion sense. Leela may be glowing today, according to Toshu, but Vanraj and Kavya stand out much more. Today, Kavya claims, V helped him get ready. Kavya has her nazar done by Leela. Toshu tells God that he was a bad kid but will attempt to rehabilitate himself and become a nice kid so that Vanraj’s unborn child won’t be like his other offspring. He says he’s sorry a lot and appreciates their tolerance. Vanraj and Anupama spoil him rotten. Toshu promises to do whatever it takes, including being a good spouse, to make things right. Dimpy informs Samar that Toshu is implicitly insulting him. Samar warns her to back off because he knows his brother doesn’t appreciate being provoked. Barkha warns Adhik to avoid the Shahs since their drama is never-ending: sometimes they act like the ideal family and other times they rip each other’s hair. Adhik claims that he doesn’t care about the Shahs and that he will definitely talk to Pakhi tonight because of her threat.

Hasmukh suggests we begin the ceremony right now. Ankush receives a call, shares some information with Anuj, and then departs. Barkha remembers Ankush worrying about his secret child. Anupama insists that the baby’s father initiate the ceremony. Vanraj does a ritual on Kavya and tells her he couldn’t be happier now that the two of them are back together and that he can’t wait to meet his child. Vanraj is asked to mumble by Anuj, but only after the ceremony has been completed. Vanraj wipes away his tears as he sincerely expresses gratitude to Kavya for bringing him joy. Leela warns him that tears will only diminish his joy. Kavya’s tears are wiped away, and Anupama tells her not to cry today. She notices Kavya is worried and checks to see whether she’s okay. Leela insists that they must immediately act.

Nakul becomes suspicious as he sees MD fumbling through dance rehearsals. According to MD, she is physically practicing, but her thoughts are elsewhere. She becomes distraught after receiving Dimpy’s message that they are holding a baby shower for Kavya and promptly retreats to her room. And then the Shahs and the Kapadias had a game. Samar claims he is not in the mood to play and declines. Leela asks God to protect a new mother and her infant from harm. Kavya embraces Leela with all her heart. If Kavya has a daughter, Leela jokes that she should not sculpt her eyebrow. The Shahs keep playing. Barkha contacts Ankush, demands to know why he ditched a party in the middle of it, and threatens him with dire consequences should he ever do so again. She takes a tablet to calm her nerves. Pakhi tries to lift Vanraj’s spirits. Adhik approaches her and asks if her joy is excessive. Even Pakhi, he says. Adhik scolds her for trying to appear superior. Pakhi tells him to tone it down and walks away. Leela hears them having a disagreement. Vanraj triumphs and boasts to Kavya that he is a good diaper changer now that he has asked her to tell their child.

Episode is over.

Tomorrow Recap : Kavya reveals to Anupama that the baby is actually Anirudh’s and wonders how she may make amends to Vanraj.

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