Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th April 2023 Written Update

The Episode starts with Abhinav seeing Abhi and asking him am I saying right. Abhi says sorry, just parents have a right to decide, you tell me the decision, I assure you Abhir will get the support. He leaves. At home, Ruhi asks everyone to hurry up, just 5 mins are left. She checks the cake and says not bad. Aarohi comes and asks what’s cooking. She sees the cake and says I didn’t see anything. Ruhi says you spoiled the plan. Manjiri says we were coming to surprise you. Aarohi says I m surprised, you all are preparing for my mistake, I m really touched. Ruhi gets Manish’s call. She says mum spoiled the plan. They wish Aarohi and clap. Aarohi thanks them. Akshu says happy birthday. Abhinav also wishes. Aarohi asks is Abhir alone at the hospital. Akshu says no, Muskaan is there, enjoy the birthday. Manish and everyone sing.

Aarohi cries. Everyone sings the birthday song. Aarohi cuts the cake. Ruhi feeds the cake to Aarohi. Akshu says Abhir also wished you, he will call you when he wakes up. Aarohi says I wish he gets fine, then I will give him a big treat, your love has made my birthday special. Ruhi jokes. The servant says this gift came for you. Aarohi says Akshu has sent it, right. Akshu says its from all of us. Aarohi sees the hair clips and says its special for me, I didn’t had long hair and used to cry. Aarohi takes cake for Abhi. Ruhi says you didn’t feed the cake to me. She eats it. Aarohi says sorry.

Abhinav says if Abhir was here… Akshu says not again, how shall I explain. Surekha says I never saw them fighting. Manish says they are undergoing a tough test for their son. He goes to Akshu and says sorry, I heard it by mistake, is there any stress. She says nothing. Abhinav says Abhir is upset, he said he wants to come home, I want to bring him home, I spoke to Abhi, he left the decision on us. Akshu says it won’t be good to bring him home. Manish says I trust Abhi, if he told we can bring him home, then maybe we can, its your decision. He goes. Akshu says I don’t find this right. Manjiri says we won’t party tomorrow. Abhi asks why, its Aarohi’s birthday. She says Abhi and Aarohi will have a date. Ruhi says its her birth date. Shefali says date means boy and girl go alone and spend time, kids don’t go along. Abhi says don’t tell her about date. Manjiri says get some time, I know Abhir’s case is there, but there is no emergency. Abhi says we will go surely.

Kairav comes to the hospital. The flask falls on his foot. He screams. He argues with Muskaan. Nurse says go out and have this couple fight. They say we are not a couple and leave. Abhinav and Akshu ask Abhir to have food. Abhir says don’t do this bad acting, I understand everything, I don’t want to talk to anyone, go. He puts ear plugs. Abhi comes. He gives the reports. He says you should tell him the truth, he will be frustrated. Abhinav says I can’t do this. Abhi says it will be wrong if I say, his trust will break, I m a stranger and you are his family, I will answer his questions, I m outside, tell him. He goes.

Aarohi gets ready. Shefali says you can come after sunrise. Aarohi says you are embarrassing me in front of Manjiri. Manjiri says you can come anytime. Ruhi compliments Aarohi. Manjiri says I told Abhi to come soon. Aarohi says there is still time. Akshu cries and says no parents should face this day. Abhinav and Akshu sit. Akshu says you wanted to know what happened to you. Abhinav shows a heart pic. Abhir says heart is like a red balloon. Akshu says no, human heart looks like this. Abhir asks did anything happen in my heart. Akshu says there is a little hole in your heart. Abhir asks does everyone has it. Abhinav says no, I will explain you, the blood gets filtered by heart and passes to to the body parts, you have a hole in the heart so… Akshu says blood is going to the other way, so you are finding hard to breathe. Abhir asks will I never get fine, if I die. Akshu hugs him and says we got you to Udaipur, doc man will not let anything happen to you. Abhir says no, you are lying. Abhinav asks don’t you trust us, we won’t let anything happen to you, don’t get scared. Abhi looks on. He prays. Manjiri asks Rohan where is Abhi, maybe he left his phone in cabin. He says he is busy in Abhir’s case, he asked not to disturb. Akshu says you will get fine. Abhinav says Abhi does such operations every day. Akshu says we will have fun, everyone is waiting for your recovery, don’t get scared, we are here. Abhir cries. Manjiri sees Aarohi and holds her hand.

Precap:Aarohi says we need you in twin babies case. Doctor says I had seen one such case, it was a miracle case, one of the twin baby survived and patient didn’t know it, patient name was Sharma. Abhi thinks is it Sharma ji.

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