Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Abhi prays for Abhir

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhinav saying we will stay here until he gets fine. Abhir says I will play holi and rock Abhi and Aarohi’s engagement. Abhinav says yes, we will celebrate holi here, get well soon. Surekha says I would have missed Akshu and Abhinav if I came early, Muskaan is so lovely. Muskaan says you are also lovely. Surekha says Akshu’s Sasural would be small, she told me everything on call, you should have stopped Akshu, we can get Akshu and Abhinav marry once again in a grand way, I didn’t play with Abhir also. Akshu, Abhinav and Abhir come home. Surekha says my prayer is answered. Dadi and Suwarna ask what happened. Abhir says I fainted in the car, then mum and dad took me to the hospital, doc man was also there. Suwarna says you should have called us. Surekha says you are very cute, I m your Choti Nani. Abhir says doctor asked us not to go anywhere, we will stay here till holi. Surekha asks will you stay till Aarohi’s engagement. He says yes. Abhinav says yes, don’t worry, we won’t stay here, but in guest house. Akshu says yes, it will be fine.

Manish says you are telling your decision, its about Abhir, until he gets fine, he won’t go anywhere. Dadi says its about my buddy, he won’t go anywhere, he needs his parents. Abhinav says sorry. Surekha says its okay, everyone gets scolding here, but relations don’t break. She hugs Akshu. Abhinav greets her. Manjiri asks Suwarna to get kalash and come. Ruhi asks Aarohi for her dress. Abhi recalls Abhir and worries.

Manjiri says I have called them to renovate Abhi’s room. She asks Abhi and Aarohi to decide the room colour. Ruhi says show me the designs. Aarohi asks why to hurry. Manjiri says it should happen soon, you welcome this relation with sincerity, throw every old thing. Ruhi is excited. Abhi goes to his room and recalls Manjiri’s words. He recalls Akshu and says what shall I do of these memories or ignore them.

Abhi says I have promised Ruhi and I have to keep it. He removes few things. Aarohi comes. He sees her in the empty photo frame. Aarohi pacifies him and says all these things don’t matter, we shouldn’t rush. She says you let this frame stay empty now. He says I m sorry, don’t you find it strange, but you are right, we should start preparations, sometimes old things will be recalled, but we can’t lose. She says its normal, recovery begins when patient tells his symptoms, don’t think much. He says yes, we will get this renovate, do it as you want. She says I will do. Nishta calls him and asks him to get ready for puja. Aarohi nods to him. She leaves. He gets his clothes for puja. He says its time to keep the promise. Manish and Suwarna are stuck in traffic. She calls Dadi and asks them to reach Birla house on time with kalash. Dadi says a married couple has to take the kalash and sit in puja, come there on time, Surekha is alone. Suwarna says we can’t reach on time. Dadi says Manjiri can feel we are doing this intentionally and Aarohi can also feel bad. Surekha says we will send Akshu and Abhinav. Manish asks what are you saying. Surekha says they will see Akshu if she is here, we can’t hide her, its your wish. Akshu and Abhinav hear them. Dadi says we were just talking. Abhi gets ready and comes for puja. He goes to do Shiv puja.

He thinks of Abhir and cries. Everyone is surprised. Ruhi says poppy patched up with Shiv. Manjiri cries and says I knew it, this relation will fix everything. Abhi prays for Abhir.

Abhi sits in the puja and takes Akshu’s name as his wife. Akshu gets the kalash. Manjiri stops her and scolds her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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