Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Abhir gets stable

The Episode starts with Abhi asking what happened to Abhir. Muskaan says he won the football match, he lost the medal so I cried. He says you are walking on the road like this because of a medal. She says yes, he is sad, so I couldn’t control. He asks is it the reason. She says yes. He hopes its true. Doctor checks Abhir. Akshu sits crying and says sorry, I made a big mistake. Abhinav cries. She says you told that in the car also, you don’t want to hurt me, I know I would have said the same, I didn’t wish to hurt my son, I did this for his happiness, he wanted to play, my decision went wrong, Abhir wanted to stay in his Nanu’s house, but couldn’t stay back because of me, so I didn’t wish to stop him now, he said he is fine and I agree. He says no, its my mistake, Abhir exists because of you, you are his mum and you gave him birth, no one’s pain can be bigger than yours, sorry, I made a mistake, I m feeling afraid, sorry, don’t feel bad of my words. Te hugs her. They cry.

He says we have to stay strong, nothing will happen to Abhir, we will do our duty, we won’t lose, we have to keep courage. Abhi gets his locket and wears it. Muskaan says Bhai ji… forgive me, I lied to you. He worries and asks lie. Manish calls Akshu. He asks where is our star, our buddy. She cries and thinks how to tell that I didn’t see his pain. Manish says say something, we are tensed. Abhinav talks to them and lies. He says Abhir got tired and slept, you can talk to him tomorrow. Manish says sure. Manish ends call and says thank God, everything is fine. Abhi recalls Abhir’s words. He says he is fine if he is in hospital, kids have pressure, he might ne dehydrated, there is nothing to worry. Muskaan asks really. He says I m a doctor, I know, come, I will drop you home.

A man consoles his wife Sharda. She asks will our son get fine. Akshu cries seeing them. Akshu and Abhinav see Abhir. Akshu goes and sings O kanha… Abhinav recalls his words. He goes to her. They pray. Abhir is still treated. Abhi says I will ask Sharma ji. Aarohi asks what happened. He says Abhir, Muskaan told me that he fainted after football match, he is in hospital. She asks what, Manish told me that he spoke to Abhinav, he was happy, he would have known if there was anything serious. He asks why did she say that. She says maybe she got mistaken. He thinks yes, she is close to Abhir. Ruhi comes and says help me do homework. Aarohi says I will help. Ruhi says no, he is like a friend and you are strict. Aarohi asks am I strict. Abhi and Ruhi say yes and go. Nurse comes to Abhinav and Akshu.

They ask about Abhir. Nurse says I m sorry, we couldn’t save your child. They both are in shock. Doctor says sister, they aren’t that boy’s parents, sorry for the confusion, your son is stable, he is out of danger now. They get a relief. Doctor goes to Sharda and her husband, and says sorry, we couldn’t save your child. They both cry. Abhinav and Akshu go and meet Abhir. They hug him. Abhir jokes and makes them laugh. He says I couldn’t take pic with my medal and trophy. Abhinav says we will photoshop your pic with the team. Doctor asks Abhir how are you feeling, champ, breathe. He checks Abhir. Abhi thinks junior isn’t my son still I get worried for you, you are Parth’s mum, I can understand your pain. He goes to Mahima and talks to her. She asks do you have any work. He says sorry, I m trying to rectify my mistake, you think I m wrong. She says you all are wrong. He says you didn’t stop Parth from raising hand, don’t stop voice from raising now, if Parth doesn’t get a lesson, then he will think he is right, one day he will lose. He explains her. Mahima says everything will be fine. Aarohi looks on. Abhinav and Akshu ask what happened to Abhir. Doctor says we did the tests, we will know tomorrow when reports come. Abhinav says but you would have known it. Doctor says lets not assume things, you can take him home. They see Abhir.

Abhinav asks what’s in his reports. Doctor says its really serious. Abhinav leaves and cries. Abhi says I don’t like to see kids in hospital. Rohan says you are saying like he is your kid. Akshu sees the reports and shouts no.

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