Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Abhir feels unwell

The Episode starts with Mahima saying its good engagement is happening, but Parth and Shefali’s matter shouldn’t go out until she decides, we have removed Parth from the house, but we have to live in society. Shefali taunts her. She says none from us will tell about Parth, only Parth wanted bad for his family. Mahima goes. Abhi says thanks, I m proud of you, I know it was difficult for you, but it was necessary, sorry I didn’t notice this, I promise I will keep my every relation well. Shefali and Manjiri smile. Abhinav, Akshu and Abhir reach the place. Abhinav goes to hold her hand. She thanks him. He smiles seeing her.

Abhir says pizza. Abhinav says yes, let me order it, then we will have the pizza. Abhir says don’t forget cold drink and icecream. Abhinav says we will have pizza first and then icecream. Akshu smiles. Manish says we will get rid of worries this time. Suwarna says we forgot Kairav. She calls him. Kairav comes. She says you should have told us if you were coming late. He says sorry. Manish asks where did you go. Muskaan says he went to Kasauli. Kairav thinks how shall I tell them about Abhinav’s arrest, they will worry. Akshu asks Abhir why are you panting. He says everything will be good when I eat the pizza. She gets Neela’s call. Abhinav smiles seeing her.

Abhir feels unwell and goes out of the car. Kairav says I was missing Akshu, I went to her, I forgot the old things and hugged her. Suwarna thanks him. Manish says proud of you. Dadi says you did good. Surekha says Kairav just told you that he is going to Kasauli, you have strong friendship. She says Kairav, you should have taken us along, you patched up with one sister and its time to look after the other one. Manish says Aarohi called, Aarohi and Abhi are getting engaged, we are happy in her happiness. Surekha says we are going to be a part of her happiness. Kairav argues.

He says I can’t see her destruction, Aarohi understand your life’s biggest mistake seeing Akshu. He goes. Akshu says Neela called just now. Abhinav says everything will be done. He calls out Abhir to come and have pizza. Akshu looks for Abhir. Abhinav also looks for him and calls him out. Abhir thinks to exercise like Abhi told him. Akshu and Abhinav ask the people. Abhir takes a deep breath. A man scolds Akshu and says you lost your child and spoiled our evening, what kind of mom are you. Abhinav catches his collar and scolds him. He says a mum is worried for her child, and you are concerned for your evening, I respect my wife, I won’t tolerate anything against her. She says leave him, we have to find Abhir. Abhir comes and asks why are you beating that uncle. Akshu and Abhinav hug and run him. Abhir asks won’t I get pizza. She asks where did you go. Abhinav says tell us before going. Abhir thinks if I tell them about breathing problem, they will worry. He says sorry, I had gone to washroom, mum was on call. Abhinav hugs him and cries. He says promise me, you won’t leave me and go anywhere. Abhir promises and hugs him. Abhi recalls Abhir’s words. He thinks to call Abhinav. He says how shall I call. Abhir says I m eating the last piece. Akshu jokes. They laugh.

Abhinav says a lonely man is like a bell, he isn’t scared of anyone ringing, I had no one, I have my family, I feel scared now. She says family’s love is a weakness, but when it becomes a strength, life changes, our life also changed. Abhir and Abhinav dance. She gets kajal to apply to Abhir. Abhir says no, I m a big boy now. She applies it to Abhinav. He smiles.

Its morning, Akshu gets ready. She sees Abhinav and Abhir sleeping. She prays. She says I will call Manish and talk. Manish asks the servants to keep the things in the car. Suwarna says keep this in front seat, it has delicate items. He jokes. He asks why are you worried, don’t worry, there is nothing in our hands. She says I m scared, its Aarohi’s engagement. He gets Akshu’s call. He says you and Kairav made a team again. She says sorry, I didn’t get time to call. He jokes. He says I know, you have to handle Abhir’s studies and Abhinav’s work. She thinks he doesn’t know about Abhinav’s arrest. She asks are you going anywhere, are you coming to Kasauli. Suwarna says no, we are going to ashram. Akshu says okay, go well, we will talk later, I have kept a puja at home. They bless her. He ends call. He asks why did you lie. Suwarna says Aarohi and Akshu can stay happy when they stay away, I m ready to lie for their sake.

Precap: Abhi gets Abhir’s audio message. Abhir plays football. Akshu and Abhinav cheer for him. He wins. He suddenly faints. Akshu shouts Abhir.

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