Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Abhinav is arrested

The Episode starts with Abhir saying doc man protected me as my dad, I felt he is my dad. Akshu says shut up, I don’t want to hear a word about this dream. Neela asks what happened. Akshu says nothing. Neela asks Abhir to give best of luck band to mumma. Abhir ties it to Akshu’s hand and says all the best. Akshu hugs him. Neela says just go, don’t worry for Abhir, I will feed him the food. Abhir thinks I didn’t say docman gave this band to Muskaan and she gave it to me. Abhinav and Akshu leave. Abhir thinks why does mumma dislike docman, he is so good. Abhi acts and cheers up Ruhi. She says I had pushed you, I should convince you, but you are convincing me. He asks when did you become so sensible. She says I don’t want to go to hostel. He says I promise, I will try my best to convince Aarohi. She says you got this band for Abhir and me, but you need it, best of luck. He thanks her. Akshu recalls Abhir’s words.

Abhi thinks of Ruhi’s words. Akshu thinks sorry Abhir, I scolded you. She gets a call and asks what. Shefali is lost in thoughts. She says Aarohi, everyone is telling you what can happen after sending the child away, but I can say what is happening, I have sent Shivansh away, I know what I m going through, don’t send Ruhi to hostel. Aarohi asks why did you send Shivansh to hostel. Shefali recalls Parth and says I was helpless, because Parth and my relation….

She sees Parth. Parth asks her to find his quotation file. Shefali goes. Parth gets angry. Aarohi says what was she going to say, I will talk to her once again. Parth holds Shefali and scolds her. She says I m a victim of domestic violence, you have no control on anger, I live in fear, I had sent my kid away and I hide the marks of the injuries, if it was not about my son, then I would have not stayed with a wife beater like you. Parth slaps her. She falls down. Abhi looks on shocked. He recalls her words. Parth gets tensed. Abhi goes and makes her get up. He gives her a hanky.

She wipes her tears. He says the hands raised on a woman are the weakest hands. He scolds Parth. He catches his collar and asks how dare you raise hand on my Bhabhi. He pulls Parth and takes him downstairs. Akshu comes to the police station. Abhinav sees her. She goes to him and asks why did they get you. He says you have your exam. She asks him to forget it, did any accident happen, did anyone get hurt. He says no, police got drugs from that tourist’s bag, I said its not mine, he isn’t listening, you go for the exam. She says exam isn’t imp than you. She goes to question inspector. He says you are talking like a lawyer. She says I will become a lawyer. He says but he has become a criminal. She argues. Abhinav thinks she didn’t go for exam and came here for me. Inspector says get the proof that the bag doesn’t belong to him. She says I will get proof and get my husband freed, my husband won’t suffer when I m here. Abhi shouts to everyone. Manjiri and Anand ask what’s happening. Aarohi thinks its not good. Abhi says Parth beats Shefali.

Parth says shut up, its nonsense, Shefali tell them that Abhi is lying. He looks at Mahima. Mahima says calm down Abhi. Abhi says I have seen Parth slapping Shefali. Parth asks her to say it. Abhi asks her to say the truth, why is Shivu in hostel, and why does she apply makeup. Anand asks Parth is Abhi saying the truth. Mahima says its husband and wife’s matter. Manjiri says its family matter now. Anand asks what’s the truth. He says Shefali say it, it will be truth for us. Akshu argues with inspector. He asks her to go. She leaves.

Abhi asks Shefali to tell the truth. Shefali says whatever Abhi has seen isn’t true. She thinks sorry, I m keeping silent for my son. Parth gets angry on Abhi. Abhi and everyone ask Shefali to say the truth. Parth says I know why Abhi is doing this, Abhi, you tortured Akshu mentally, you are in guilt, you want to show me as a bad person so that you look good. He scolds Abhi. Akshu says we have to prove Abhinav innocent, his booking diary will have the details. Neela says Muskaan isn’t here, how will you find it alone. Akshu says I m not alone, Abhinav is with me, I won’t let anyone come between us, I will fight for his respect. She gets a diary.

Precap:Abhinav says I didn’t ask for a date till now. Akshu smiles. She says I will come. They look for Abhir. Abhi gets Akshu’s call.

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