Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st April 2023 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akshu crying and saying I didn’t even tell Manish, Abhir needs us, not Abhi, I don’t want Abhi to know Abhir is his son. Abhinav says just he can save Abhir. She says we are his mum and dad, we want to save Abhir, if we go there, our family will shatter, we won’t go there. Abhir asks for pizza, momos and cold drinks. Neela says you won’t get it. She jokes. She says you are unwell, you won’t get anything, take this phone and play games. She goes. He messages Abhi. Abhi asks who are you. Abhir says I m messaging from Neela’s phone, how would he know its me, I won’t tell my name, its fun time. Abhi shows the messages to Aarohi. She says a girl has fallen for you. Abhi says someone is kidding. She reads the message and laughs. She says maybe its an intern, who has seen your six pack abs. Abhi says I will find out. He calls Abhir. Abhir says I will take the call. He answers. Abhi says number is switched off. Aarohi says its your secret admirer. He says you are watching many movies, get to work. Abhir says phone battery is gone. Neela comes and asks what’s happening. He says nothing. Akshu says thanks for calling Dr. Vyas for the surgery. Doctor says its okay, Abhinav has to sign the forms, you can ask me if you have any doubts and pay the bill before surgery. Abhinav says no problem, I will pay. Akshu says I will check the bill. Abhinav is shocked. She asks how much is it. She checks and says 20 lakhs. Abhinav and Akshu come home. They get the money from the savings boxes, grain containers envelopes. She gets the gold jewellery. She says this isn’t enough. They cry. She calls Manish and says I want something from you. Abhinav takes the phone and disconnects. She says I want to talk to him. He says we won’t ask him money. She asks why, we have to pay 20 lakhs for Abhir’s surgery. Abhinav says we won’t do this.

He says I will get money for Abhir, I have told it, I will get the operation fees by morning. They make calls and try to get advance. Abhir comes and asks what are you doing, you are still awake. Abhinav says we will go and sleep, come. Abhir screams. She asks are you fine, can you breathe. He says I m hungry, I want food. They recall doctor’s words about Abhir’s 12 hours fasting before surgery. Abhinav says medicine won’t work if you eat anything. Abhir says I won’t get sleep. She says you will get sleep, come. She sings a lullaby. Abhir says mumma, you sing so well. She nods. Abhinav wards off their bad sight. Abhir falls asleep. Abhinav says don’t worry, I promise you, I will get the money tomorrow. She nods.

Its morning, Akshu does the tilak to Abhir. She thinks to stay strong. He asks where are we going, why are you applying the tika to me. Neela cries. Akshu says we have to stay in the operation for few days for your surgery. He says doctor is looting me, he will cut my tummy, it will hurt, ask him to give medicines. She says no, you may have a problem in breathing, don’t worry, they will give you anaesthesia, you won’t know anything, trust me, are you ready. Abhir says yes, you and dad are with me. She says always. She hugs him.

Neela says don’t worry, I will get the food and things from home. Akshu says Abhinav didn’t come, we will get late. Abhinav cries. He gets her call. Akshu says please wait, this is 1.5 lakhs, start the surgery, you know its about my son’s life. Doctor says Sir and I are guest doctors, we can’t wait for more, sorry your son’s surgery can’t happen today. She sees Abhir. Abhi gets Abhir’s message and replies. He says is this Abhir, he uses Akshara and Sharma ji’s phone. Akshu says please its about my son’s life, wait for 5 mins. Doctor says we have to go back to Delhi, Sir has an imp surgery scheduled. Abhinav comes. She says just one min.

Precap: Akshu scolds Abhinav and says your adamancy will kill our son. He cries. Manjiri says you are going to the resort for two days, mobile and wifi aren’t allowed. Abhi, Ruhi and Aarohi enjoy at the resort. Doctor recommends Dr. Abhimanyu Birla. Akshu and Abhinav are shocked.

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