Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th April 2023 Written Update

Samrat sends an email to Nayantara with romantic poetry as her secret admirer. Nayan replies that she’s already married, thanks for his poetry, and asks to reveal his identity. Samrat reads her reply and excitedly tells Aaliya that Nayan replied. Aaliya suggests him to continue sending poems to Nayan and impress her. Sam says he doesn’t know much poems. She gives him poetry book and asks him to copy poetry from it. He sends her poetry again. Nayan feels impressed. They both continue to exchange emails. Dil Ka Ye Kya Raaz Hai.. song plays in the background. He is lost in laptop during a business meet. Mohit asks if he should finalize a deal. Sam says yes if he is okay with it.

Nayan walks in corridor smiling and looking at poem. Sam thinks she seems to love his poems. She bumps on him. He asks why she is smiling so much and thinks let him see what she replies. Nayan says a secret admirer who knows she is married sends her beautiful poems. Samrat asks him to be careful or else she will fall in her secret admirer’s love. Nayan asks if he feels jealous. He says not at all and thinks she doesn’t know that he is her secret admirer. In jail, Mansi threatens her lawyer to bail her out soon. Lawyer says bail amount is too high and she doesn’t have that much bank balance. Mansi says then she has to call someone who can help her. An old man bails her out. She hugs that man and thanks him. Man says she knows he can do anything for her and asks her to describe how she went to jail.

Ishani notices Nayan smiling and asks reason. Nayan says she got a secret admirer who sends poems to her. Ishani says maybe its Samrat. Nayan says Samrat will directly speak to her instead of sending mails, anyways he can’t think so deep. Ishani silently clicks pics of her mail and thinks she needs to find out who is that secret admirer. She returns with Mohit after some time and reveals that her secret admirer is not real and is copying poems from a book by author named Akhtar. Nayan asks them not to worry as she will mail Akhtar from a different ID to meet her and find out if he is her secret admirer. She sends him an email.

Mohit and Ishani think their plan of uniting Nayan and Samrat is failing with Akhtar’s entry. They walk to Samrat and informs him about Nayan’s secret admirer. Samrat says he knows about it. They ask if he is not worried. Samrat asks them to chill as he doesn’t mind Nayan meeting her secret admirer. They walk out confused. Samrat rushes to Aaliya and excitedly informs her that Nayan is very happy with her secret admirer’s poems. Aaliya suggests him to reveal Nayan that he is her secret admirer. Samrat says he will send he half poem and then recite another half when he meets her, she will be excited to know that he is her secret admirer. Old man takes Mansi to his home, gives her food, and asks how did she reach jail and why didn’t Samrat bail her out. Mansi says its a long story, she will tell him later.

Precap: Nayan goes to meet her secret admirer.
Aaliya asks Samrat if he is meeting Nayan. Sam says no. She asks then whom did Nayan went to meet. Mansi’s old man walks to Nayan and introduces himself as Akhtar.

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