Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st March 2023 Written Episode Update: Mansi Realizes Nayan’s Plan

Mansi tells Nayan only she knows about Aaliya’s intimate video and Aaliya herself doesn’t know about it. Nayan says what kind of a woman who wants to defame another woman; Samrat will be deeply hurt if he learns about his sister’s video, so she agreed to Mansi’s terms. Mansi says Nayan is her puppet because of this video and she will blackmail Nayan until she gets out of Sam’s life. Nayan thinks let us see who will get out of Sam’s life, she knows Mansi will not delete that video easily and she has to do something else. Prem, Chintu, and Ishani walk to Nayan and asks why she is rude towards Sam. Nayan thinks she can’t tell them about Aaliya’s video but can tell them about Mansi blackmailing her. She tells them that she bailed Mansi out of jail and is rude with Sam because Mansi is blackmailing her with a video. Ishani asks what kind of video. Nayan says she can’t tell that.

Prem says she should use Mansi’s language to defeat her and asks her to act as kidnapping him and threaten Mansi. Nayan refuses. Chintu says he will hide with Prem in store room. Ishani says she’s not doing anything wrong and convinces her. After sometime, Nayan walks in corridor trying to wear her earring when Samrat bumps on her. Their nok jhok starts. Sam finds her earring and insists to fix it in her ear. Nayan refuses. Sam asks if she wants to roam with only 1 earring. Nayan agrees. He fixes earring in her ear. Dil Sambhal Jaa Zaraa.. song plays in the background. Sam tries to get closer to her. Nayan pushes him away and asks what kind of a man he is that he is trying to get closer to her when he loves Mansi. Sa thinks he doesn’t love Mansi and once he tackles Mansi, he will inform her reason behind his rudeness.

Ishani, Prem and Chintu take Nayan to store room and insist her to call Mansi using a voice modulator. Nayan calls Mansi and informs her that she has kidnapped Prem. Mansi acts as worried for Prem and pleads not to harm Prem. Nayan demands Aaliya’s video in return. Mansi realizes its Nayan who is trying to blackmail her for video and thinks now she will show what she can do. She acts again and pleads her not to harm her son and where shall she come with video. Nayan asks her to meet her at Suryagarh mountain. Sam hears her and asks who is kidnapped. Mansi says Prem is kidnapped and kidnapper asked her to meet him at Suryagarh mountain. Sam says he will go to the mountain. Mansi thinks she will not let Nayan reach the mountain.

Nayan walks out of store room. Mansi bribes servant and makes him drop juice on Nayan’s dress. Nayan goes to change her dress. Mansi tampers Nayan’s car brakes and thinks now Nayan will not reach the mountain and expose her. Sam walks in with money. Mansi says let us reach the mountain soon. Sam gets into car and fails to start it, realizes battery is down, and panics. Nayan walks towards her car. Sam takes her car keys and says he needs to reach somewhere soon. Nayan asks where. He says he will tell later and gets her also in car. Mansi gets tensed. Ishani takes juice and snacks to Prem and Chintu and asks him to enjoy as if they are at picnic. Mohit walks in and asks what are they doing here. Chintu says they are enjoying picnic. Mohit insists to tell what are they up to or else he will inform Malati. Mansi thinks she doesn’t want to die.

Precap: Nayan asks Samrat to stop the car as she wants to tell him something. Samrat applies brakes, but the car doesn’t stop and heads towards cliff end. Mohit tells Ishani that Mansi can file a case against Nayan. Prem prays for Nayan’s safety.

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