Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th March 2023 Written Update: Nayantara learns about Mansi’s fake miscarriage

Episode begins with Samrat asks Nayantara that why she told Mansi that she is legal mother to Prem. Nayantara informs him that Mansi tried to beat Prem. Prem agrees with her. He says that he got scared when Prem locked him in the store room. Samrat asks Mansi that why she tried to beat Prem. She says that she was teaching discipline to Prem and her intention was scaring Prem, not beating him. And it’s her way to give good upbringing to Prem. She asks Nayantara that why she will learn from her to become good mother when Nayantara is not mother. She tells her to stay in limits and leaves from there. Nayantara tells Samrat that she won’t let anything happen to Prem until she is there and leaves from there.

Samrat tells Mohit that he can’t believe that Mansi tried to beat Prem. Mohit tells him that the latter first started liking Nayantara and now caring about Prem. Samrat tells him that Prem is a kid and he is angry that Mansi is blackmailing him. And he has to do something against Mansi soon.

Malati tells Seema that they should fix Mohit and Ishani’s marriage date. Aliya says that Mohit don’t want to marry Ishani. Samrat says that it’s not like that. Aliya reveals that Mohit really don’t want to marry Ishani due to Raghav and Ishani’s scandal. Ishani asks her to stop creating problems between her and Mohit. Aliya tells her to tell his new feelings to Ishani. Ishani asks Mohit that if he really don’t want to marry her. Mohit says that Aliya is telling the truth. And he is not able to forget that. Ishani tells him that she did nothing wrong. He tells her that he is not blaming her. But he is not able to forget that incident. She tells him that she thought he is different and his love is true but she was wrong. She says that she don’t want to marry Mohit. And she thanks Aliya for telling the truth.

Mansi tells Nayantara that the latter can’t share a room with Samrat and Prem. Nayantara opposes her. She says that she is legally Samrat’s wife now. Samrat thinks that he is proud of Nayantara. He tells Mansi that he can’t tell Nayantara to leave the room due to court order.

Next day, Nayantara suspects that Mansi had her period and she decides to meet Mansi’s doctor. She reaches the hospital and she tells doctor that she want to see Mansi’s report. But doctor refuses to show Mansi’s report. Later, Nayantara tells Ishani that Mansi was never pregnant and doctor is Mansi’s accomplice. She says that she want Mansi’s report. She asks Ishani to help her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nayantara finds Mansi’s report. Mansi kidnaps Nayantara. Samrat worries about Nayantara.

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