Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st April 2023 Written Update

Sam with Nayantara and Mansi drives car towards Suryagarh mountain. Nayan asks where are they going. Sam reveals that someone kidnapped Prem and called him to Suryagarh mountain, so they are going there. Nayan thinks she needs to reveal Sam truth that Prem is in store room and asks him to stop the car as she wants to tell him something. Samrat applies brakes, but car doesn’t stop. He says brakes failed.
Mansi gets tensed that Nayan wants to expose her, but before that, she doesn’t want to die. Sam tries his best to sop the car but fails and continues to ram vehicles and people on the way. Mansi panics and asks him to do something as she doesn’t want to die.

Ishani informs Mohit about Prem’s fake kidnap by her and Nayan to teach Mansi a lesson. Mohit asks if they have lost their mind as Mansi is very clever and can use it against Nayan. He sends Prem and Chintu to their room and calls Nayan. Nayan informs him that she, Sam, and Mansi are in brake failed car and asks him to call a sand company and drop sand on a road to slow down their car. Mohit and Ishani contact company and drop sand on the road. Sam drives through sand, but car doesn’t stop, loses control, and drives more fast. Ishani and Mohit follow them. Sam tries to crash his car to a tree but loses control again and heads towards a cliff end. He crashes car to the rocks at the cliff end which stops car. They all get injured and unconscious. Mansi wakes up first and gets Sam out. Sam calls Nayan.

Mansi hits Sam’s head and makes him unconscious. She then thinks its a best chance to get rid of Nayan, puts stone on car’s accelerator, and pushes it. Car rolls towards cliff end and stops at the rocks again. She grins thinking her plan is successful. Ishani and Mohit reach there and ask what is happening. Mansi lies that their car crashed and she managed to pull out Sam, but Nayan is still inside car. They continue to question instead of helping her. She asks them to help her get Nayan out of car. Mansi says she will get into car. Mohit says car will lose balance, so they should tie a rope to the car and pull it back. Ishani gets rope. Mansi says she will tie it and ties it lose. Ishani tries to pull the car back and finds rope lose. She gets out and ties it tight scolding Mansi for tying it lose. They then pull the car back and get Nayan out of it. Mansi panics thinks Nayan will wake up and reveal truth to Sam. Malati and Shanti notice Prem and Chintu in room and insists to reveal if they are up to something. They reveal whole fake kidnap story.

Precap: Sam gain consciousness and says they need to reach Suryagarh mountain to save Prem. Mohit informs that Prem is at home. Nayan checks CCTV footage and threatens Mansi to show it to Sam who will kick her out of the house. Sam kicks Mansi out of the house. Mansi determines to take revenge from Nayan.

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