Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th March 2023 Written Update: Mansi fakes her miscarriage

Episode begins with Seema tells Mohit that she returned for his marriage. Mohit tells her that already so much happening. She asks him that if he is not sure about the marriage still. He tells her that he need time and he don’t want to think about marriage now. He asks her to understand him. She nods at him and hugs him. Aliya overhears their conversation. She thinks that Mohit don’t want to marry Ishani and she decides to take advantage of it.

On the other hand, Mansi ties her saree pallu on her bag. She says that Nayantara should see her leaving. She notices Nayantara and leaves the room. Nayantara notices Mansi’s saree and she tells Mansi that her saree is stuck in the bag. Mansi tells her that she can’t bend and asks her to remove it. She thinks that it’s not easy to throw her out of the house. Nayantara bends and Mansi falls from stairs. She tries to save Mansi but fails. Mansi screams in pain. Everyone comes there. Mansi asks Samrat to save her baby. Malati tells them to take Mansi to hospital. Mansi asks them to take her to her doctor. They takes Mansi from there.

In the hospital, Samrat asks Nayantara that how it happened. Nayantara tells him everything. Aliya scolds her for blaming Mansi. Doctor informs them about Mansi’s miscarriage. She says that Mansi lost lot of blood and Mansi need emotional support too. She asks them to not leave Mansi alone for a second too. She tells Samrat to meet Mansi. Aliya blames Nayantara for Mansi’s miscarriage.

Samrat enters the room. Mansi tells him that she lost her baby. She says that she is not able to feel anything now and cries hugging him. He tells her that it was an accident. She blames Nayantara for her miscarriage. He says that Nayantara tried to help Mansi. Mansi tells him that Nayantara lied and Nayantara killed her baby. He tells her that Nayantara is not like that. She tells him that Nayantara hated her so she killed her baby. She says that she won’t spare Nayantara.

Police comes there and arrests Nayantara in attempt to murder case. Samrat asks Mansi that what she will do. Mansi tells him that she will send Nayantara to jail. He tells her that she can’t do like that. He hears a noise from outside and leaves the room.

Police says that Mansi is victim and Mansi filed a case against Nayantara. Samrat, Mohit and Ishani defends Nayantara. Aliya scolds them for defending Nayantara. Police takes Nayantara from there.

Mansi tells Aliya that how she planned her fake miscarriage. She says that Samrat will take her to his house now. She thanks doctor for lying. After some time, Samrat asks Mansi that what she want to withdraw the complaint. Mansi asks him to let her stay in his house. He nods at her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nayantara learns that Samrat let Mansi live in the house. Mansi scolds Prem.

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