Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th April 2023 Written Update: Malti gives Govind a second chance

The Episode begins with Govind telling Nayantara and Ishani that he has lost hope of meeting them after hearing Malti’s decision. Ishani asks him why he remains as Aktar. He tells her that he had started writing poetry and did not want anyone to know that he was alive. And this Aktar name brought them to their daughters. He apologizes to her. He says that he should not have gone like this. He asks to give them second chance. Nayantara tells him that they need time. He tells her that he can understand. They leave from there.

Nayantara asks Ishani what is Ishani doing there. Ishani tells him that she had come to meet Akhtar. They go to Malti and tell her everything. Nayantara asks Malti why did the latter hide from her that Govind is alive. Malti says she was shocked by all the revelations. And Govind chose Aarti over his family and now he returns because Aarti is dead. That’s why she didn’t forgive Govind for herself and for her family. Nayantara tells him that Govind is remorseful and everyone deserves a second chance. Malti says she needs time to think.

Samrat tells Mohit and Aaliya that he wants to meet Govind. Mohit tells Samrat that the latter cannot meet Govind in front of Nayantara. They reach home. Nayantara decides to hide about Govind until Malti makes a decision. Samrat thinks that he should not let Nayantara know, he already knows Govind. Nayantara says she is tired and goes inside. Ishani tells her gang that Akhtar is her father. She says it is a big story and she will tell later and goes inside.

The next day, Samrat and Mohit reach the publishing company and find Akhtar’s address. Meanwhile, Shanti asks Malti if Govind is alive. Malti tells him everything. Shanti tells him that she knows it will be difficult for her to forgive Govind. She says she knows how much Malti suffered alone but now God is giving Malti a chance. And Govind would have taken that decision out of fear. She tells him that Nayantara, Ishani and Chintu need a father. She asks him to take a decision after thinking a lot.

Samrat and Mohit reach Govind’s house but Govind is not there. On the other hand, Ishani tells Nayantara that Shanti talked to Malti. She says that she wants Malti to forgive Govind. Nayantara tells him that Malti has suffered a lot because of Govind so let Malti decide.

Malti meets Govind. She tells him everything. She says that she decided to give him a second chance. Because Chintu needs a father and Shanti needs her son. He praises her for giving a good upbringing to his children. She tells him that she didn’t accept him as her husband.

Episode End

Precap – Govind and Samrat look at each other. Mansi learns that Govind is Nayantara’s father.

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