Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 7th April 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Nakul surprised with Amu’s positive attitude. He finds Rashmi on the way and warns her to not appear in front of him again. She pleads with him for another chance but Nakul doesn’t trust her. She says that Sayuri herself agreed to give a second chance. Nakul says that Sayuri would never do it and put her and family’s life in danger. Rashmi says that she did and also promises to help them to fight with Chaman. Nakul makes it clear that he won’t trust her at any cost. Chaman asks what they were doing at her house and asks if she mixed poison in the food or added some chemicals to the food. Sayuri has the food herself and asks her to trust them.

They say that no one is ready to work under her and the old ones also ditched her. They say that they are badly in need of the job and ask her to consider hiring them. They also suggest to handle the business for her. Chaman doesn’t trust them and asks them to leave the house. Kanha pleads in front of Chaman and Chaman’s crush on him can’t help but feel bad for him. She asks if they feel disgraced to work under her. Kanha asks why would they feel disgraced to work as they also started from the scratch. Chaman says she would let their fate decide whether to hire them or not. She writes Yes and no in two paper bits and shows it in front of them.

Nakul asks his family to come to Chaudhary house and they get shocked. Rashmi also heard it from the back side. The family members were unsure about whether they had to but Nakul urged them. They all finally leave together. Chaman is looking at Kanha and Sayuri with doubtful eyes. They find their family approaching. Saroj prays to God while Chaman mocks their unity. She makeshift them stand together and says that she would show her sassiness towards them. As they all look confused, a net falls on them shocking them. Sayuri asks what she’s doing. Chaman says that she’s testing whether they would listen to her. Sayuri asks what’s the need to do all this as she already saw their work and is satisfied too. Chaman makes it clear to either dance or leave the house.

Chaman plays the music and Sayuri and Kanha dance to the tune. Chaman admires Kanha and is lost in his dance. She says that she’s convinced that they want to work under her and agrees to give them a job. They gets happy while Chaman urges them to start working as Ram Navami is next day. Rashmi who’s watching it all from outside thinks that it’s good and she needs to make sure that Chaman doesn’t find out that she’s out in bail. She also wants to make sure that the family doesn’t know about the fact that Chaman did that on her saying. Sayuri asks the elders to rest while they do the work. Chaman asks them to not think of moving to their rooms and shows them store room. They gets shocked but agree to stay there. She gives gree pass only to Kanha to move anywhere in the house but Kanha says he’s fine there. Tingu scolds Chaman for letting their enemies stay there. Chaman reasons that they can’t find servants and added to it they need their help in handling business. She says they have no idea about it. Tingu is not convinced yet.

Precap: Kanha finds Chaman trusting them way too much. He decides to make use of the situation to manipulate her. While they are praying ,the house keys fall down from Chaman’s waist. Kanha pushes it towards Sayuri using his foot.

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