Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 24th March 2023 Written Update: Chaman destroys Kuku’s toy upsetting her

The episode starts with Rashmi asking Sayuri to trust her as she didn’t make any mistakes. She asks for a chance. Sayuri asks Rashmi how many more chances she needs to gine her. Rashmi asks Sayuri to believe that she didn’t do anything wrong. She says that someone has planned to eradicate both of them which is why they tried to scare her and she framed her in it. She suggests names of Kanha and Nakul as the ones. Sayuri warns her to not say a word against anyone. She says that she’s there to warn her to not trouble her family anymore and is about to leave. Rashmi pleads with her not to leave or else. Sayuri asks what she would do and leaves paying no heed to her. Rashmi turns furious and swears to ruin Sayuri.

Kanha is searching for Sayuri when Sayuri comes there. He asks where she went and she says she went to meet Rashmi. She tries explaining but Kanha cuts her saying that it’s not necessary for her to explain everything. He says she would have had her reasons and asks her to go and look after the kids. He leaves to make a call. Chaman finds Kuku playing with a doll and asks for it. Kuku refuses to give it to her which angers Chaman. Chaman snatches the doll from Kuku and thrashes it into pieces. Sayuri comes there and finds Chaman dancing before. Chaman thinks that she was in the jungle and knows the sounds of the human footprint. Sayuri asks Chaman what she’s doing and she says that she was trying to impress Kuku with her dance. Sayuri asks Kuku if she likes Chaman. Chaman threatens Kuku to not say a word and Kuku runs away scared.

Chaman apologized to Sayuri that she chose the wrong way to entertain Kuku. Sayuri says it’s not her fault as she just tried to comfort her. She says that Kuku is a very silent girl but a good girl from the heart. Chaman agrees with her but says that except her none cares about Kuku in the House. She says it’s the same for Kiara. Sayuri warns her to stay in her limits and Chaman immediately Apologizes. Sayuri finds toys lying around and picks it. Chaman gets scared seeing the torn doll by her. Sayuri gets confused. Dadi Mausi is ranting to Saroj about how one by one all the outsiders take refugee in their house. She says that on top of that they doesn’t know if the baby belongs to their family. Saroj replies defeated that she don’t have any other option but keep quite else Kanha would leave the house. Dadi Mausi is not convinced when Sayuri comes there. She forwards the DNA reports to Saroj and asks her to confirm herself with it. Saroj is scared to take it but Sayuri keeos it in her hand and leaves.

Sayuri recalls getting the report fro the same Doctor who contacted Saroj and Dadi Mausi. Saroj’s promise stops her from opening it but Dadi Mausi opens it herself and reads the report. She happily says Saroj to celebrate as the Kiara is Kanha’s baby and congratulate her. Sayuri says that Kanha would be upset upon Knowing what she did but she wants Mitthu to get the same Love from family like Arjun and this is the only way for it. Saroj gets emotional and happy but is also worried that her truth about trapping Rashmi would get exposed. Dadi Mausi says that Rashmi deserves it and none believes Rashmi anyway. In jail, Rashmi didn’t have any food and waits for her bail. Insoegtor wonders who would take her bail as none of her family cares about her.

Precap: Kanha tells Nakul that the video he shot got viral. Chaman gets happy hearing it and Nakul asks Kanha to show it to him too. Chaman diverts Nakul’s attention from seeing it and Sayuri notices it. Chaman says to Tingu about what happened. Tingu explains that the video can be seen from any phone by anyone and Chaman gets scared. Sayuri tells Kanta she has something to share with him.

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