Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 20th March 2023 Written Update: Kanha and Sayuri choses the same name for their baby

The episode starts with Saroj complaining about the naming ceremony. Chaman admires Kanha from a distance. Pandit asks them the names they have chosen for the baby with the given letter. Everyone gives their suggestion. Chaman couldn’t hold herself from joining the family. Nakul looks doubtful at Chaman. A guy from the hospital brings the DNA test reports. The servant stops him asking him about the reports. The guy hesitates but finally gives the reports to him warning him to not open it. Everyone asks Sayuri and Kanha to say their chosen name together. They both write the same name as Kiara and they both get surprised.

Everyone appreciates them for having the same thoughts. They name the child Kiara. Chaman watches irked while everyone showers the flowers on them and both are very happy. Kanha suggests clicking a family picture and everyone comes together to click the picture. The servant finds Saroj busy with others and keeps the reports on the table and leaves to give it later. Chaman gets Tingu’s video call and picks it going aside. Chaman happily rants to him about the functions and celebrations going on in the place. Tingu asks her to enjoy it all one last time but Chaman says that they have no idea about what she’s about to do with them. She gets excited about the same and asks Tingu to have some sweets. She cuts the call and has the sweets and she wipes her hands with the reports and throws it away.

Saroj and Dadi Mausi get impatient about the results and Saroj checks her Phone. She hears the Doctor’s voice message about sending the results to her home and a servant picking it from his man. They both get tensed while Chaman gets doubtful. A servant comes there and says to them about getting the reports. He checks for its original place and finds the reports missing. Saroj scolds him and asks him to search for it. Sayuri gets hold of the reports on the floor and is about to open it when Saroj snatches the reports from her hands. Saroj scolds Sayuri for touching her stuff. Saroj lashes out at her for trying to open her stuff. Sayuri reasons that her name wasn’t written on the report and so she tried to check it. Saroj doesn’t get convinced and continues lashing out at her. Dhanraj and others reprimands Saroj. Chaman enjoys the family drama and calls it completely filmy. Kanha stops Saroj asking what and whose report is this. Saroj gets shocked hearing it. She refuses to give details but Kanha stays adamant to say the truth. He holds Saroj’s hand with the results as she stammers. He recalls her suggesting for a DNA test and gets angry.

Precap: Kanha tells Saroj that he doesn’t need a report to prove that Mitthu is his daughter. He demands her to accept his child without checking the result or he threatens to leave the house with his wife and two daughters.

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