Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 14th March 2023 Written Update: A notorious killer Chaman Bahaar makes her entry

The episode starts with a girl getting dragged by goons and she looks scared at them. The leader asks who she is and how she has the courage to come to their place. The girl smiles and introduces herself as Chaman Bahaar. She says only her name is sweet but she’s very bitter. He says that she can’t steal things from them. Chaman holds the leader smiling and suddenly he faints with a foaming mouth and dies. The other goons also die the same way except one person Tinku who is Chaman’s man. She takes her hair pin and does something to their bodies and Tinku complains about it. He starts disposing off their bodies. She starts dancing.

Kanha tells Sayuri that they need to leave early and Sayuri says she already made arrangements for the same. Kanha asks if she would manage as it can be quite stressful but Sayuri says she too has some responsibilities. Chaman and Tinku dance around the goons dead bodies. Next morning, Sayuri and Kanha leave the place to find it to be a jungle. They get confused. A new prisoner joins Rashmi who gets scared seeing the new lady. She tries drinking some water but the lady snatches it from her. Rashmi shouts for help scared and the lady smiles. Saroj searches for Nakul to find him playing basketball outside. She asks him to stop it but he doesn’t listen.

Rashmi pleads with the Inspector to take the lady away as she’s scared of seeing the lady. She pleads to take her to some other place but they refuse. Rashmi pleads to make a call to her husband and says that if they don’t let her then she would hurt herself. Police agreed to her demand. Saroj is fine about Nakul playing but insists him to have some of his favourite food. She’s about to feed him but he gets a call. Sayuri and Kanha meet with few people and try explaining who they are and they say that they are there on behalf of Nakul and Rashmi. The people looked angrily at them and they felt weird about it. They decide to leave reading the environment but get stopped by the men. They say that they can only come on their wish but have to take their permission to leave . Kanha and Sayuri get shocked.

Rashmi is relieved that the lady is shifted. Rashmi eagerly waits for Nakul as he didn’t speak a word with her through the phone. She thinks that Nakul didn’t answer a word through the phone and wishes he could come there. If not she thinks to execute plan B. Nakul comes there. Kanha and Sayuri get taken away by the goons and they think about all the possible explanations for their behaviour but nothing sits right. Nakul comes to jail and Rashmi gets worried seeing his injury. Nakul asks her to drop her act and say why she called him there. Rashmi pleads with him to trust her saying that she has no relation with the man who scared Sayuri. Nakul doesn’t believe her but Rashmi asks him to think about all that she did for the family for the past one year. Nakul says he did think about it and finally realises all her plans to create misunderstanding between him and his brother. Rashmi gets shocked. The goons take Sayuri and Kanha to Chaman Bahaar who’s dressed up as an old lady calling her their leader.

Precap: Chaman in her real self will stop Kanha’s car asking for help to save her from goons. Kanha and Sayuri will try to help her but the goons attack them. Kanha fights with the goons.

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