Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 10th April 2023 Written Update: Kanha treats Chaman sweetly to fool him

The Episode starts with the family members complaining about their condition. Nakul gives them courage and tells them not to lose hope. He asks them to imagine that they are on a picnic somewhere. Kanha tells Sayuri about him feeling some crush on her and decides to use her to make up for it. Sayuri says she is jealous of this but Kanha asks why would she do this as he doesn’t really reciprocate her. They agree to go ahead with it. Kanha apologizes to God what is he about to do.

Kanha calls Chaman lovingly and Chaman looks at him dreamily. Kanha says that he does not know much about household chores. Chaman tells her not to worry as there are other servants at home and they will take care of it. Kanha however promises that he will help her in the business. He impresses her with his English speaking skills. Chaman is impressed by this and Kanha suggests that they may even go abroad for business trips together. Chaman gets excited about the same. Sayuri who is watching all this gets angry at him. Chaman gets excited to go to the meeting with Kanha on the same day.

Indu and Dadi are worried about the family but Dadi assures them that Kanha and Sayuri will take care of them. Rashmi enters through the back door and they try to throw her out of the house. Rashmi asks them for a chance but they refuse to go inside without Sayuri’s permission. Rashmi says that it was Sayuri who stopped her from leaving and also gave her a place in the backyard to stay. They don’t believe but she asks them to confirm with Sayuri only.

Chaman is doing the puja while Saroj shouts that for the first time in so many years she is not doing the puja for Ram Navami and has been outcast. Dhanraj reminds her that Rama too was forced to go on a 14-year exile but they are lucky to have come back so soon. Kanha is recording the video of Chaman performing the puja and the keys fall down without him noticing. Kanha signals to Sayuri who takes the key before Chaman notices it. Tingu gets suspicious but Sayuri behaves normally.

Later Chaman asks Saroj to do all the cleaning, she asks Dadi Mausi to clean the dust. She hires Sayuri to cook and asks Dadji to water the plants. She asks Dhanraj to buy drinks for her but Dhanraj refuses to do so at any cost. Kanha suggests Nakul to do so instead and Chaman agrees to that. She also asks him to buy some chicken with it, then only she can enjoy her drink. Saroj gets furious and says that no non-vegetarian food should be cooked in her kitchen as she makes prasad for the God there. Chaman does not agree and has a fight with her. Kanha pacifies both of them and asks Saroj to let it go. Chaman tells Kanha not to do any work and just record his dance and act. Kanha agrees while Sayuri gets angry.

Precap: Chaman gets angry that he still didn’t get the drink and creates a scene. Kanha wonders why Nakul is getting late. Nakul encounters some goons. Saroj gets into a fight with Chaman when she tries to cook eggs in the kitchen and Chaman lashes out at her.

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