Woh Toh Hai Albela 21st March 2023 Written Update: Chaman burns the report’s

The episode starts with Sayuri asking what the report was as Kanha hosted at Saroj. Kanha says that Saroj did his and Mittu’s DNA test without anyone knowing it. Everyone gets shocked hearing it. Kanha confronts Saroj saying that no matter what’s in the report he truly believes that Mittu is his child. He holds Sayuri and the kids and says that they are his family no matter if she believes it or not. Chaman appreciates Kanha for his heroism. Indu asks Saroj how she could do this and asks her to answer Kanha. Dhanraj also lashes out at her . Kanha asks her to open the report and read it but also says the moment she does it he would leave the house with his family. Dhanraj appreciates Kanha and asks Saroj to decide herself.

Chaman snatches the report from Saroj’s hand and burns it shocking everyone. Kanha asks what she’s doing. Chaman asks for an apology from Kanha for intruding in their personal matters. However she says that she lost her mother’s love at a very young age and she doesn’t want Saroj to go through it. Kanha tells Sarij that what she was supposed to do was done by Chaman. He asks Saroj to do her part and Saroj asks him to not leave. She agrees to accept the kids and asks Kanha to not leave the house. Kanha asks if she’s saying the truth and Saroj says that she is and agrees to accept the kids wholeheartedly. Everyone retires to their room. Sayuri is still upset that Saroj took such extreme steps for her divorce. Kanha comes there and comforts Sayuri.

Saroj is sitting upset when Dhanraj confronts her for not celebrating such a precious thing called grandparenthood which is a dream for many. Dhanraj asks her to change her mind and accept the kids whole heartedly and leaves upset. Saroj thinks that everyone has their own thinking but none understands her. She says that she might witness the child grow in front of her eyes but is not sure whether she could give her blessings whole heartedly to her. Rashmi sbts like she’s scared of her fellow prisoner who hurle abuses at her. The lady claims no such thing ever happened but Rashmi continued with her act. The lady gets dragged away for punishment. Chaman shares with Tingu about whatever happened. Tingu asks why did she get herself involved in their meyter. Chaman says that all their plans will go in waste if Kanha leaves the House with family. Tingu understands her point. Sayuri comes there in search of Chaman and asks whom she’s talking with.

Precap: Sayuri tells Chaman that she would stay in staff quarters from now on and Chaman looks at her angrily. Chaman tries to attack her with her hairpin.

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