Udaariyaan 9th April 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with  a few men teasing Nehmat. The latter shouts for help. She asks the men to stay away from her. The men ask Nehmat to remove her jewellery and give it to them. Nehmat obliges. Nehmat is about to leave after giving them her jewellery. The men stop Nehmat and ask her to give them her ring. Nehmat recalls Ekam proposing to her with that ring. On the other hand, Ekam laments about Nehmat leaving him in front of Harleen. Ekam and Harleen wonder why Nehmat did so. Ekam expresses to Harleen how much he is in pain. The latter asks Ekam to handle his pain and remembers about Renuka before hurting himself as she can’t live without him. Ekam says that Nehmat will get punished for the pain she gave him. Here, Nehmat refuses to give them the ring and beats them. One of the men finds an empty bottle. He breaks it and is about to stab Nehmat. A man arrives there driving the tracker. He hits tha man and saves Nehmat. He beats the remaining other men. Nehmat is busy beating a man with a wooden stick. The man sees this. There, Ekam says to Harleen that Nehmat will never be happy after what she did to him. Harleen looks on at Ekam, crying. Here, Nehmat runs away.

Ekam and Harleen return home. Chery taunts Ekam about running away after Nehmat has left. Balveer reminds her about completing the ring ceremony. Ekam and Harleen try to find the ring. Harleen finds the ring. Harleen is asked to put the ring on Ekam’s finger. She obliges. Satti and Rupy arrive there. They feel relieved that Ekam has returned home. Satti prays to God for them. They decide to leave before anyone notices them.

Renuka asks Chery to take Harleen to her room. Chery obliges. Balveer advises Ekam to forget what happened and accept what happened as God’s will. He says to Ekam that it does not matter if it is Harleen or Nehmat, he is the husband, so he should dominate over his wife. Ekam angrily folds his fist. Renuka intervenes and says to Ekam that Balveer means that he should forget what happened and move on in his life.

Chery gives the milk glass to Harleen. She taunts Harleen about already being married to Nehmat’s ex-husband, Advait. She wonders how many times Harleen has taken milk like that. Ekam arrives there. He angrily throws the milk glass. He says that he dislikes milk. He adds that he also hates people who poke their noses into other people’s lives. He holds Harleen’s hand and takes her from there. Shanky sees and goes to fight with Ekam, but Balveer stops him.

Ekam takes Harleen to his room. Harleen sees the room is filled with Ekam-Nehmat’s pictures and becomes teary eyes. Ekam recalls a FB. Renuka says to Ekam that this room will be his and Nehmat’s room after their wedding. Ekam happily decorates it with his and Nehmat’s photos. He says that he will make their wedding night filmy. The FB ends. Ekam gets furious and ruins the decoration despite Harleen trying to stop him. He sees Nehmat’s reflection in the mirror and breaks it. Elsewhere, Nehmat walks aimlessly, crying recalling Ekam’s words. She faints.

The episode ends.

Precap: Ekam wants to destroy everything related to Ekam. He notices that Nehmat’s name’s tattoo on his hand and he tries to remove it. On the other hand, Nehmat is surrounded by the crowd. A lady arrives there.

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