Udaariyaan 8th April 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Renuka advising Ekam and Harleen to forget what happened, considering it as a nightmare and accepting their wedding, which is God’s will. Ekam’s cousin taunts about Ekam marrying Harleen. Harleen performs the grihpravesh rituals. She stumbles. Ekam holds Harleen, preventing her from falling down. Udaariyaan title track’s sad version plays in the BG. Harleen completes the welcoming rituals. Ekam and Harleen pray in front of Ekam’s dad’s photo. Ekam’s uncle asks Renuka to perform the ring finding ritual. On the other hand, Nehmat apologizes to Ekam in her mind for breaking all the promises she made to him to save her one promise to Renuka, that’s not to let anything happen to Ekam.

Harleen and Ekam perform finding the ring ritual. Ekam holds Harleen’s hand, taking Nehmat’s name. Harleen looks at Ekam with teary eyes. Ekam realises what he said. He angrily walks away. Renuka curses Nehmat for ruining everything. At Sandhu’s house, Rupy gathers Nehmat’s belongings to get rid of it despite the family trying to stop him. Rupy blames Nehmat for ruining their reputation. He feels thankful that Harleen saved their reputation by marrying Ekam. He sees Nehmat’s boxing gloves. He recalls small Nehmat wearing it. He bursts out into tears. Rupy and Satti wonder about the reason behind Nehmat’s action. Satti worries about Nehmat, who will be alone. She prays to God for Nehmat’s safety.

Elsewhere, Nehmat is shown walking on the road aimlessly. A truck comes towards Nehmat. She doesn’t realizes it and continues to walk. She missed being hit by the truck. Her duppata gets stuck in that truck. Here, Renuka worries about Ekam’s whereabouts. Mallika says that Ekam left his phone at home. Just then,  Satti phones Harleen. Ekam’s cousin notices this and receives the call. She gives the phone to Harleen. Satti asks Harleen how the situation is there. Ekam’s cousin deliberately shouts that Ekam is missing and he has angrily left the house during the post-wedding rituals. She blames Nehmat. Sandhus overhears it over the phone and is shoco. Harleen assures them and hangs the call. Harleen warns Ekam’s cousin about talking against Nehmat. She says that she will go and find Ekam. Ekam’s cousin says that the newly wed bride shouldn’t go out in the night. Her dad supports Harleen and asks her to go.

Ekam is sitting in the place where he meets Nehmat. He is drunk. He imagines Nehmat’s face in the alcohol and her refusing to marry him. Suddenly, Ekam notices a snake next to him. Ekam talks to the snake in his drunken condition. He claims that his blood was poisoned by Nehmat and it’s more powerful than the snake’s poison. He challenges the snake to bite him to test it. Harleen arrives there, searching for Ekam. Ekam thinks Nehmat has come and takes her name.

Meanwhile, a few goons notice Nehmat going alone and trouble her. Here, Harleen notices the snake. She asks Ekam to come down. Ekam claims that the snake isn’t poisonous. Harleen scolds Ekam. She reminds him that she’s his wife. If he wants to die by being bitten by the snake, she will also die. Ekam laughs and says that even Nehmat said the same. As Ekam refuses to get down. Harleen also goes up. Ekam tries to stop Harleen. They fall with Ekam on the top of Harleen. Ekam scolds Harleen. He asks what if anything to happen to her. Harleen asks him back what if anything happens to him. Ekam cries merging his forehead with Harleen’s.

The episode ends.

Precap: The goons rob Nehmat. A man comes to Nehmat’s rescue.

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