Udaariyaan 7th April 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Nehmat breaksdown looking at the picture of Ekam and Harleen’s. She then breaks her phone using a stone. Nehmat says hereafter she don’t have any relationship with Ekam also prays for his happiness. In mandap the priest asks Harleen to come forward for the next three pheras then asks her to vow to protect and pray for her husband’s long life. Harleen looks at Ekam then goes in the front then takes pheras crying. Ekam recalls his moments with Nehmat then cries. Jasmine looks happy. Naaz sees Jasmine and thinks how Jasmine cares about her one daughter and leaves the other daughter stranded. The priest asks Ekam to fill Harleen’s forehead with vermillion. Ekam recalls Nehmat’s threat then fills Harleen’s hairline with vermillion. Harleen and Ekam cries. Jasmine, Renuka, Rupy and Satti gets happy. Nehmat cries hard on her way. The priest asks Ekam to tie the nuptial chain on Harleen. Ekam recalls becoming happy buying the nupital chain for Nehmat. Harleen recalls Ekam’s words about him expressing his love for Nehmat also he is nothing without her. Ekam makes Harleen wear the nupital chain. The priest announces the wedding is completed. Ekam and Harleen cries.

Renuka cries and blesses both Ekam and Harleen. She makes a promise to Harleen about her well-being in the house also promises to respect her always. Ekam and Harleen takes the elders of both the family members blessings one by one. Jasmine blesses Ekam happily. Here, in the bus Nehmat looks at her mehendi and looks numb. The conductor asks Nehmat where she has to go also asks her money for the ticket. Nehmat remains lost in thought. A lady in the bus says Nehmat’s wedding must have been called off hence she is in her wedding clothes. Jasmine blesses Harleen. She then demands Harleen to live her life happily as she gets the love of her life. Everyone gets uncomfortable. Harleen controls her anger. Rupy thanks also praises the sacrifice Harleen made for the family to save their reputation just like Tejo. He also expresses his anger on Nehmat. Swaroop tells Satti about Harleen’s vidaai ceremony which has to take place next. Harleen gets emotional recalling her performing the same to get the Sandhu’s forgiveness. Harleen cries hard while performing the vidaai ritual and hugs everyone then gets into the car.

Jasmine stops Ekam and Harleen’s car then removes the board of Nehmat ki doli from it also scolds the Sandhu’s for not doing it before. Everyone remains silent. Harleen gets frustrated. Meanwhile the conductor tells Nehmat the bus is going to reach it’s last station. Nehmat prays for Ekam’s happiness. Ekam and Harleen reaches the Randhawa’s house. Balveer asks the musician to play the dhol. Renuka requests him to do a simple grahpravesh because of whatever happened. Balveer tells her celebration is must and asks her to focus on the ritual. Renuka obliges. Meanwhile Nehmat walks on the road aimlessly. Renuka informs Harleen the house belongs to Ekam’s grandfather and they got the house by winning the case legally so Balveer suggests the grahpravesh should take place here. She further advises both Ekam and Harleen to move forward in their life forgetting whatever happened. She then asks Harleen to perform the ritual. Chery makes fun of Harleen saying nowadays they can get brides in an instant like an exchange offer. Harleen gets hurt. Renuka requests Harleen to enter the house. Harleen looks at the kalash. Nehmat is seen in a middle of nowhere looking here and there. Ekam, Harleen and Nehmat looks sad.

Precap: Harleen and Ekam performs a post wedding ritual of finding a ring. Ekam says he will win this ritual and takes Nehmat’s name. Harleen looks at him teary eyes. Chery mocks at Harleen by reminding her how the latter already married to Advait who Nehmat also married so she is familiar with serving milks to men. Harleen gets hurt. Ekam throws the glass of milk down. Harleen stares at Ekam.

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