Udaariyaan 3rd March 2023 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 3rd March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on ArticleWeb.me

The Episode starts with Swaroop saying I had explained you at Jasmin’s time also. Rupy says Nehmat isn’t Jasmin. Satti says I don’t understand anything, everything will be fine soon, I m going to Gurudwara to pray for Nehmat, I will save her from the trouble. Advait drives the car. The man intentionally gets into a fight. The constables run to sort the fight. Satti prays for Nehmat’s safety. Nehmat crosses the road. Advait speeds the car and thinks I won’t leave you today, Nehmat. Nehmat sees an old man and rushes to help. Suri gets hit by Advait’s case. Nehmat is shocked.

Constables run to see. Advait’s man sees Suri. Nehmat checks Suri. Advait turns to see. Nehmat asks someone to call ambulance. Nehmat sends Suri in an ambulance. She says did he come to kill me. She cries. Harleen passes by and stops seeing her. She asks what happened, how did you get hurt. Nehmat says I was crossing the road with lawyer, a car came and hit him, police took him to the hospital, I have to go and meet Suri, I think that car came to hit me. Harleen worries.

Advait gets down the car. He sees the blood stains. He says what did I do. The man comes. Advait asks him to burn that car. He leaves in another car. Nehmat says uncle is in hospital because of me, I want to meet him. Harleen says its not your mistake, look at yourself, you come home first. Shamsher asks what nonsense, what did you do, Nehmat and Ekam will doubt you now. He asks Advait to go and meet Nehmat. Advait refuses. Shamsher slaps him and says don’t say nonsense, just go and find out, media will come, just do as I say, go.

He asks Naaz to go with Advait, Nehmat met with an accident. Advait says I will change and come. Nehmat says that car came to kill me, Suri uncle… Harleen gets Ekam’s call. She asks Ekam to come soon, Nehmat is tense. Rupy asks Nehmat to calm down. Nehmat says Ekam was right, Advait is trying to kill me. Rupy gets angry. Advait says we have no proof for this. Naaz comes and asks are you fine, what happened, I came running when Shamsher said you met with an accident. Advait comes. Nehmat gets angry.

She scolds him. Harleen looks on. He says I was so worried for you. Nehmat says I hate to see your face, just go. Rupy asks Advait to leave. Advait says I came here to meet my wife, let me talk to her, I want to know how did her accident happen, I m with her. Nehmat asks what do you want to talk now, tell me, you did that accident, even that banquet hall incident was your plan, you want to kill me, if I get a proof against you, I will ruin you. He asks what are you saying, I would have killed you when you were in hospital. Harleen says I will go and see. Nehmat says Suri is fighting for his life. Harleen comes and hears them. Advait says its your madness, I don’t know what you are saying. Nehmat says okay, you find me mad, done, no problem, take this divorce papers, sign it and get free from me. Advait says you can’t get divorce, you can get free from this marriage, if I die or you die.

Harleen worries. He tears the papers. He leaves. Naaz goes with him. Nehmat cries. Harleen thinks I have to do something to save Nehmat from Advait. Swaroop says he didn’t do anything, so he came to meet you. Nehmat says its his drama. Harleen says calm down, I trust you, we have no solid proof. She says Nanu, Nehmat would have met with the accident, thank God, she got saved. Rupy says but Suri got injured, Advait and his family have to answer, its my promise, I won’t leave the culprit, I will go to police station. Nehmat says no, stay away from this. Harman says we can’t sit quiet. Nehmat says Advait has become a MLA, no use to file complaint against him, we have no proof. Ekam comes and says we will get the proof, are you fine. She says I m fine. He scolds her. He asks Rupy why did you let Nehmat go out.

He asks am I joking, Advait did all this, I have investigated, the accident was planned in the engagement, whatever happened today was also planned, Advait is trying to kill you, you know why, you know his truth, if you tell his truth to the media, his career will end, I won’t leave him. Nehmat says no, I don’t want your help. Ekam says shut up, you don’t need my help, you want to give your life. Harleen looks on. Ekam says ASP Ekam is talking today, you can’t go out without police permission and security, understand. She says your new life started, stay away from this, please. He says sorry, I m a police officer, don’t get families in between, don’t teach me my work, you will get security, I will see Advait. Nehmat tries to stop him. He doesn’t listen. He signs no and leaves. Nehmat says Harleen, go and stop Ekam. Harleen goes after him.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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