Udaariyaan 31st March 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Harleen helps Nehmat get ready and tells her that she looks beautiful then wipes off her tears without Nehmat noticing. Jasmine watches this and thinks herself to that she will change the bride for sure. Lovely praises Nehmat then goes to bring garland. Here, Advait taunts Ekam and says he will go wherever he wants and the latter can’t do anything about it. Here, Jasmine makes Nehmat’s earring disappear then asks Harleen to bring her’s from the home. Harleen hesitates then obliges.

Ekam tells Renuka that he has to go to the police station. Renuka hesitates but gets convinced. Ekam’s uncle suggests they can leave for the venue. Renuka agrees. Few guests wonder’s why groom is leaving his own bharat. Ekam calls Harleen and learns that Nehmat is in the venue. Ekam rushes to meet Nehmat. Satti expresses her worry why the groom isn’t reached the venue yet. Abhiraj tells they will reach here in few minutes. Swaroop expresses her happiness.

Meanwhile Ekam reaches where Nehmat is but gets shocked seeing the bodyguards are killed. He goes inside the room and gets shocked seeing Jasmine is tied. He unties and asks her what happened. Jasmine tells him that Advait’s men kidnapped Nehmat so urges him to save Nehmat. Ekam leaves to police station. Jasmine smirks and says that Harleen’s wedding will take place with Ekam.

Ekam reaches the station and learns Abir left so he goes inside to check whether Advait is here or not. He opens the prison door all the while threatening to kill Advait. After entering he gets shocked seeing Advait is stabbed and in an unconscious state. His subordinate accuses him of killing Advait but Ekam tells he didn’t done anything such. DIG and other officers arrives there and refuses to believe Ekam’s words and arrests him. Meanwhile Abir learns about Ekam’s arrest which he informs to the Randhawa’s. Everyone gets shocked. Renuka falls unconscious.

They takes her to the room. Satti expresses her worry that groom and family isn’t reached the venue yet. Harleen calls Renuka learn about their whereabouts. Shanky and Chery deliberately answers the call and talks about Ekam’s arrest. Sandhu’s gets shocked. Chery informs them that that Ekam gets arrested under murder charges. Sandhu’s tells that Ekam will never kill anyone and decides to meet him in the police station.

Jasmine arrives there and acts learning about Ekam’s arrest. She then stops Rupy from going to the station saying she will talk to the CM but Rupy gets determined to meet Ekam. Harleen tells other family members to not to tell Nehmat about Ekam’s arrest. Jasmine asks Naaz to take care of Nehmat and make sure Nehmat doesn’t learn about Ekam’s arrest then hides her smile. Here in the police station Ekam tells Abir that he don’t have any idea how Advait is stabbed. He then pleads Abir to rescue Nehmat from Advait’s goons. Harleen and Rupy arrives there and informs him Nehmat is fine.

Jasmine is talking to DIG about his bail. Ekam demands to talk to Nehmat immediately so Harleen video calls Nehmat. Nehmat looks sad but inquires Ekam where he is. Ekam acts he is getting ready. Harleen takes the phone from Ekam and disconnects the call when Ekam tries to take it in his hand and scolds him for about to reveal his whereabout to Nehmat which they hide it from her.

Precap: Harleen assures Ekam that Jasmine will definitely bring him out of the prison. Abhiraj informs Renuka about the Sandhu’s efforts to bail Ekam and asks her to not to worry. Naaz suggests Satti to tell Nehmat about Ekam’s arrest but the latter firmly refuses. Naaz thinks herself this the right opportunity for her to stop this wedding.

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