Udaariyaan 29th March 2023 Written Update: Jasmine manipulates Nehmat

The episode starts with Nehmat rushes to stop Ekam. Ekam tries hard to drive his car properly. Here the Sandhu’s are also on their way in the car. Jasmine thinks herself that she should save Ekam at any cost for Harleen. They all gets shocked seeing Nehmat is in middle of road and Ekam’s car is approaching her. They all asks her to come to aside but Nehmat remains still. Ekam sees Nehmat and stops the car at last minute without hurting Nehmat. Everyone rushes to Ekam. Nehmat scolds him when Ekam tells even if anything happens to her, he will be by her side only. Jasmine instructs to take Ekam to the hospital.

In the hospital both Renuka and Rupy questions Nehmat’s drastic step. Nehmat tells that she knows Ekam will do anything to save her. The doctor arrives there. Jasmine signs at him. The doctor lies Ekam has a heart attack and they should keep him under observation for a day. Lovely tells then they have to postpone the wedding which is supposed to take place the next day. Nehmat and the family members rushes to meet Ekam. The nurse advices only one person can stay with Ekam. Everyone agrees with Nehmat when the latter tells she will stay then leaves.

Jasmine sees Nehmat is coming out of the room. She acts to be worried but asks Nehmat to not to worry. Nehmat blames herself for Ekam’s state. Jasmine reminds her about all the bad omen that happened. She then acts and tells if she is in Nehmat’s place then she will definitely back off from this wedding because it’s not right to put our loved one’s life at risk for our happiness. Nehmat looks on thoughtfully. Jasmine smirks.

Later, Nehmat gets a nightmare of Advait entering the hospital room and Ekam fights with him but Advait overpowers Ekam and injures him severely. Nehmat screams Ekam and wakes up startled. Ekam wakes up and calms her down. Nehmat expresses her fear to Ekam about whatever happening around them after their decision to marry one another. Ekam asks her to be with him if she truly don’t want anything happen to him. Nehmat obliges and hugs him. The next day Sandhu’s prepares for the Haldi ceremony. Harleen asks everyone to focus on today not what happened. Satti gets furious seeing Jasmine’s outfit so she scolds her. Harleen manages the situation. Jasmine thinks after her conversation with Nehmat she is sure Nehmat won’t take part in Haldi. Nehmat recalls Jasmine’s words.

Here, Harleen prevents the diya from going off. Nehmat arrives there which shocks Jasmine. She tells Jasmine that Ekam’s words also her parent’s blessings are with her so nothing bad won’t happen. Harleen praises Nehmat then takes her from there. Jasmine gets mad. Naaz decides to do something to stop the wedding. Jasmine meets Shamsher in the prison and asks him to do the work she wants then she will think about helping him and Advait come out of the prison then leaves.

Precap: Both Sandhu’s and Randhawa’s starts the Haldi ceremony. Ekam and Nehmat looks happy. Jasmine thinks herself in few hours everything will change then looks on with determination.

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