Udaariyaan 23th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Ilahi saves Nehmat

The Episode starts with everyone dancing. Ranjeet pours the kerosene. Ilahi steps back and leaves. Jahaan says solution is hidden in the problem, Ranjeet is the problem and now he will give me a solution. Jordan calls Sunny and says I have sent a pic, I want the exact sherwani. Jahaan says I want same sherwani by morning, how will I get it. Jordan thinks I won’t let your life get ruined. Jahaan says I will come there instead Ranjeet. Ilahi hears Ranjeet. She is shocked, Ranjeet says marriage won’t happen tomorrow. He leaves. She asks who can be this family’s enemy, I have to do something, I can’t go. Ranjeet calls Jasmin and says get Harleen out of the house. She asks him not to do anything wrong. She asks what’s the plan. He asks can you hear me.

Ilahi thinks how shall I know what is going to happen. She looks around. Harleen gets Jasmin’s call. Jasmin asks her to come out right away. Ilahi thinks to tell Harleen. Ranjeet sees Harleen going out. He says I have to get Ekam out, then Swaha. Jasmin asks Harleen to sit in the car. She scolds her. Harleen says I will stay here till Ekam and Nehmat’s marriage. Jasmin insists her. They argue. Harleen goes back. Jasmin says I will not let Nehmat and Ekam’s marriage happen, you are my daughter, I can’t se your tears. Ranjeet calls Ekam and cries for help. Ranjeet says you also come out now. Ekam tells Nehmat and rushes out.

Jahaan falls down. Ekam is on the way. The people help Jagaan. Jahaan says I m fine and leaves. Ilahi says I heard someone saying he will ignite fire, you both should check. Nehmat and Harleen worry. Nehmat says we will check and then tell the family. Ekam comes to police station and asks is everything fine. The inspector says yes, what happened. Ekam asks why would anyone call me, is Nehmat fine. He collides with Jordan. He recalls their meeting.

Jordan says I have come to find about Ranjeet, its about a girl’s life. Jahaan goes to the store and sees the same sherwani. Ekam says I won’t let anything happen to that girl. His phone falls. Jahaan breaks the glass and gets it. He takes the sherwani and leaves a note there.

Constable asks who is there. Jahaan flees. Jordan sees the call on Ekam’s phone. He answers. Constable says a thief has run away with a sherwani. Jordan says leave it, maybe he needs the sherwani for marriage, come out, I will get tea for you. Rupy asks where are the children go. Ilahi says they will come, shall I sing till then. Satti says yes. Nehmat gets the petrol smell. She calls out Harleen. Ilahi sings. Satti and Lovely say her voice has magic. Ranjeet lights a lighter. He says Ilahi… and goes to see.

Nehmat says I m getting petrol smell, Ekam was saying the truth. Rupy praises Ilahi. Ranjeet says no, she can’t be Ilahi, Ginni has locked her in the room, Harleen and Ekam aren’t here, I will ignite fire and run away, but I m hearing Ilahi’s voice again, I will call Ginni and ask about Ilahi. He calls Ginni. He asks is Ilahi at home. She says yes, she is at home, I locked her room, why are you asking. He says fine, sleep well, we will meet tomorrow. He lights the fire. Everyone gets shocked seeing the fire.

Ranjeet calls Jasmin and says I did your work. He says now I will prepare for my marriage. Ekam comes and asks what work. Ranjeet says lights. Ekam thanks him. He goes inside. Ranjeet says he is madam’s son in law, madam won’t leave me if anything happens to him. Ekam sees the fire. He says we will put sand and blow off the fire. Nehmat’s dupatta catches fire. Ilahi throws it away. Ekam asks Nehmat are you fine. She says yes. Ekam asks them to go out. Harleen says there is fire in the lighting pole. Nehmat says someone did this deliberately. Ilahi says we should cut the pipe. Ilahi tries to cut the pipe. Nehmat falls. Ilahi cuts the pipe and drains the petrol. She sees some pole falling on Nehmat. She shouts and runs.

She saves Nehmat. Harleen and everyone run to Nehmat. Nehmat thanks Ilahi for saving her and her entire family. Rupy asks is everything fine. Harleen says Ilahi saved Nehmat. Rupy thanks Ilahi. Harleen says you are an angel, thank you so much. Ilahi says it was God’s wish that I meet you all. Nehmat says Ekam will drop you, this marriage is happening against your wish, let Ekam come, he will help you. Harleen says trust me, he will help. They look for Ekam. Ilahi leaves. Ekam comes. Nehmat says you have to help Ilahi. Ilahi hires an auto rickshaw. Harleen says Ilahi left, she said she doesn’t want police involvement in her personal matter. Ilahi prays.

Precap:Jasmin slaps Ranjeet and says my entire family was there in that house. Harleen says I have given a phone to Ilahi. Ekam says I know this marriage is happening against your wish.

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